D/R as DPS

  • This class like your playsytle. Can't burst high damage and Warrior/Mage easily out-damaged this class.

    But magic damage enough for questing or any try.

    Varanas Nightmare, since when Taborea legendary pages right? This is sad... Rune circle completed?

  • Only briefly played this combo, I used my 1h wand from my w/m and dreamland hammer t11 + 16 (I think tiered > statted for the extra mdmg that you will gain). It is interesting to note that hardmode instance 1h hammers have MORE magical damage when tiered than the dreamland 1h hammer, you lose healing bonus/wisdom but gain magical damage which is more important as a dps.

    In burst fights it is a poor dps. Very little burn capability, and that is including the 15s skill which turns your hits into 100% crits. The class just doesn't have a good burst for most endgame content. However, where it shines is in long fights. With 2x Curse X runes, wl/m warp charge buff, and housemaid pot + pet you can get your earth arrows to either 0.9s or 1.0s cast times, for the entire fight. When you consider that earth arrow does 2 hits per spell, it can be a very efficient dps for long fights. The 2nd problem is the class lacks magical attack, so you need a combination of buffs (M/P, P/S buffs) and debuffers (M/D, M/WL, Seeds which you can cast, and sw titles) to ensure boss mdef is lower than your magical attack.

    And since the earth arrow damage is consisted of elemental damage, there are several ways to increase D/R dps.

    The first hit of earth arrow is earth damage - M/D (as well as reducing mdef of boss by 36,5% at 100/100) earth pulse skill increases earth damage on the target by 20%.

    The second hit of earth arrow is dark damage - Shadow Contract elite increases your dark damage by a significant proportion (45%? off the top of my head). In a normal party you will also have WL/M, whose Soul Brand elite (stacked to 4) gives 36% extra dark dmg on the target. Weakening Weave Curse gives an extra 6% on top of this.

    Wl/W also has an elite for slash which increases dark damage taken by the target by 30% (the skill description is not clear,but this is the effect), and Wl/ch also has a similar elite for electrocution. I think the dark damage increase is 10% in this case.

    So in a normal party - not a good DPS.

    Very useful healer with rockslide debuff maxed (~2k critres reduction).

    Can be good dps in instances like VOR, if you have an appropriate party setup (with my fresh d/r some months ago I did about 200m at b4 in vor, without m/d or magical attack buffs. With buffs and so it should be possible to do 3x that or more).

  • I have never tried off-hand hammers, but I was experimenting with wl/r and noticed that the damage of the off-hand dagger is added to the damage of a wand, just like it does with m/r and is more than the damage of a staff at similar level. Check mdam with and without the off-hand hammer to see if it holds for hammers.

  • It does, hence D/R has one of the highest magical damages out of magical dps, helped also by the ability to wear 2x Miracle runes (but on the flipside, has no buffs to increase its damage, like m/w does). It would be nice if druids could use daggers too, as the magical dagger from mementos has significantly more mdmg than 1h hammer and also int/matt ghost stat. It doesn't make much sense imo that an instance 1h hammer is better for D/R dps than dreamland hammer (which was designed for hybrid classes). Perhaps D/R was truly designed as a hybrid and was not intended as a real dps.

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