Closing topics after a reply the same day

  • How about we go for the general MMORPG rule that a forum is a place where players make air between them and the publisher?

    The Hurr, milk whales one did well sa far as well, eh?!

    Stop closing subjects "yOu Do NoT lIkE", since THAT IS what players search for! If satisfied in text they'll go back to the game knowing they're "not alone" -> now SEE end level gaming players. THAT is the money-cow.

    Those "hurr, any GF-critic closed and banned" is only one if else - Streisand effect. It will BRING THE GAME DOWN!

    I love this game! I want to have it going, eff the (bluh servers), can I PRETTY PLEASE have GF's that do not SH'T ON PLAYERS?!

    That would be so nice ;-(

  • I believe I closed exactly one thread since the board migration.

    If you could PM me some links to closed threads, I will look into it.

    Did so, one closed because "this horse was beaten to death" aka I can not give an answer, so I shut your questions down and /close

    One because "you are talking off-topic" aka you are having fun on a gaming forum with sarkasm in a generally frustrating topic, we can't have stuff like fun here, so I /close

    So much for community management. Do you guys get GF guidelines to close everything what's not obeyingly Yessir but curious or remotely happy?

    Even though GF sits in Germany and humor isn't exactly the country's known for stereotype, I doubt that. Can we get a "vote against close" mechanics against possible full-of-themselves and drunk-of-power closures?


  • No, we are not going to discuss how we're moderating the forums. If you have an issue with how a thread was handled, you can get in contact with the teamler who has done it or lead your concerns to their superior. To see who's doing what and where, there are two links shared in the news section, where you can look up all those things without starting a flame thread against the moderation.

    As well I do not accept insults towards my team(s) and therefor this thread will be closed as well.

    If you feel the need to complain feel free to go this way:

    The US Team! Overview and News

    The EN Team - and their news


    ToS | Community Guidelines | Support - Questions and Answers

    Runes of Magic Game Administrator - EN / Super Game Master & Event Manager US / Replacement - FR - I do not speak french

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  • Sarkas

    Closed the thread.