A word from Product Manager: new servers and the future

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    Hello dear Community,

    As you are all already aware, we will be opening two new servers soon, and this has raised some questions concerning the fate of the current servers and what will happen with them.

    Do not be worried, we are not going to abandon the current servers and our long-term users just to concentrate on the new servers, we do have some plans, and I will be explaining some of them here.

    Server Merge

    We will merge the older servers, but this is a project that takes a lot of time and should be planned in a correct way. That is why we went with counter-intuitive way of opening the new servers before merging the old ones. Since we are all aware that the current state of the game tends to block with higher number of active players that are online at any given moment, we must calculate how to merge the servers to get an optimal situation. If we merge the servers in a way that ends up with sub-par number of online players at any given moment, we have failed to address the problem of low population on the servers. If on the other hand we merge so that the numbers are too high, it might look nice from that point of view, but would most likely lead to unstable server environment and crashes and offline times that could have been prevented with better planning. In the past we noticed that new server opening led to a rise in the number of players, some from the influx of new users, and some from reactivation of old ones. Even though it might look that those numbers should not impact the situation on the old servers, considering the fact that we would merge, it might lead to the too high numbers and unhappiness from you due to not being able to play the game for some time after the unplanned interruption of services. Once the numbers are stabilized, we will merge the current servers in an optimal way.

    Durability of new servers

    Unlike the last time when we opened temporary “catch up” servers, these ones are here to stay. We will not be closing them, but we have learned some things from the catch-up servers that we intend to implement in the very near future. What it is will be revealed in a few days by our Community Management, and I personally think it is something that will show you that we are still working on the game alongside with Runewaker.

    New servers – New settings

    At the start, new servers will have an increased XP, TP and Drop chance. Over time, those values will drop down, and at some point, will most probably become the same as the current live servers, but that is something that we will keep an eye on. It is possible that we will keep a higher setting on these servers, but not something that we are ready to decide on in advance. These special bonuses will only apply on the new servers, but whenever the usual rotation of bonuses hits the current servers, the new servers will get a bonus to their bonus as well.

    New Titles and rewards

    We have created new titles for the fastest players, which will give out some very nice bonuses to people who get them. In order to be the first, you will have to apply yourself and hurry up. The full list of new titles will be given out later by Community Management.

    New Servers and Merge

    These new servers might end up being merged in the future, but not in the next merge. They are new, different in some ways, and do not fall into consideration for the merge list yet.

    New content

    At the moment, we are in discussion about the possibility of new content and are hoping to give out more new content very soon. There are more things planned to come out, mainly fixes for major issues already in the game, and some new things concerning the end game content. More information will come when we have things set up and confirmed from both sides.

    Level Cap

    New servers will have the same Level Cap as the current live servers.

    I hope this answers the most important questions that you might have concerning this topic and confirms to you that we are going to continue improving the game in the future.

    Your ROM Team,