Astral Energy Speculation Thread

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  • We've had this system in development for a little while now, we even have the currency on our characters

    I don't see many people talking about it though when it seems like the only real new content we've had since mirrorworld.
    A few clues I've found are Peak Fragments, if you have them in your bag, says it's an 'Astral Energy Fragment'. Perhaps we will need them with stardust or to get stardust to purchase the 'Astral Crystals'? Likely from our new hermit friend.

    Using Itempreview you can search all tooltips for 'astral' and it brings up the current list of the new skills. There's about a dozen and they are all super duper pooper scooper broken.
    The entire system is still in development so I wouldn't expect these values to stay the same at all as that's insanely broken but it's still fun to look at.

    Thoughts, comments, theories?

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  • To make it a bit easier at least regarding any texts:…ng2=eneu&key=DOR_STELLAR_

    (searched for Astral Energy english text, then just filtered for the common pattern of keystrings on the left which is DOR_STELLAR_<whatever>)

    130 strings so far, doesn't mean it's finished or going to stay the way it currently is. Also, no ETA.

    Have fun poking around.

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  • We've been checking the database about that a while ago and looks to be related with some kind of pets (or something like that) to get a buff (from 4 different types consistent with the different roles). In any case looks like something that could potencially break the balance of the game, if there is any, since the buffs are too much in some cases, but ofc that depends on how are going to be applied. If happens to be for 1 use every X hours and consume something hard to get, or can be use all the time, or the items are easy to get... idk. Maybe at the end is just one more useless thing. Or maybe we'll never see it in game.

    At this point speculation about anything new in the game is going to be pesimist, since we know who we are dealing with.

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