Blind Hackman World Boss

  • Hi! is the Blind Hackman worldboss still in the game or removed? i think i read many years ago that its removed or bugged and as i have never seen it, not even camping at the location after server resets i think its not there but can this be confirmed and if the boss is removed from the game is there a way to complete the quest that require you to kill it?

  • Even though population isn't it's best and the last event gave away thousands of poms there's still people camping all world bosses with naked alts lol

    At least it keeps prices low for new players

    Since Beta 2009-03-05

  • Blind Hackman still exists, he just mostly doesn't live long enough for anyone else to witness

    He will never spawn again in the current setting. They changed the spawn time of the Hackmans' to 72 hours. But they also do a daily restart, and Hackman always spawns as Resentful after the restart, whether it be daily or a maintenance.

    Either they need to reduce the spawn time or stop daily restart which would give him a chance to spawn as Blind every 3 days.

  • Some people kill this boss instantly.

    This is sad because newbies cannot complete their quests.

    No solution.

    Still have proof this boss?

    Runes of Magic FPS record is now owned by Zurhidons...

    End is near!