Now Permanently: Wheel of Destiny

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    The Wheel of Destiny is back in Runes of Magic – permanently this time! This is your chance to win highly valuable items more often in our popular minigame.

    You’ll find many new items for your hero among the prizes! How would you like the pet Kitsune which has a new effect, the Universal Jewel which you can use with any equipment or the Wrathful Monster

    How It Works

    With each spin you have the chance to win one of the sixteen items on display – this also includes an item from the jackpot!

    You can also win keys: If you’ve collected the correct number of keys, spins on the 2nd level of the wheel become available to you – even better prizes are waiting for you here! But don’t wait too long or else the 2nd level will close again.

    Play now, spin the Wheel of Destiny and win!