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  • Hello guys,

    I am playing Scout/Rogue as main Character and I would love to know what are the best potions/Buffs/Food out there for dishing out the maximum possible damage.

    Not considering special potions that you can only gain during events.

    My Base Stats:

    226063 Patk (Guild Buffs + house Buffs)

    39175 Pdmg

    144% PCrit Damage (2 Rings)

    84% Critical Hit Chance

    Before any boss fight i make sure to have the following activated:

    Hero Potion

    Honey Ribs

    Vanilla Strawberry Desert,

    Elegant Cuisine Delicacy

    After which my stats become:

    244137 Patk (Guild Buffs + house Buffs)

    44324 Pdmg

    144% PCrit Damage (2 Rings)

    85% Critical Hit Chance

    Now for the short duration power up I am using:

    Target Area

    Caviar Sandwich


    Magic Lute

    Magic Tambourine

    Blood Arrow

    Strong Stimulant

    Arcane Potion

    Extinction Potion

    Archer's Glory

    Arrow of Essence

    One question would be:

    Considering these stats should I be using the highest Pdmg food or the highest Patk food?

    Any Improvements in oder do deal more damage to the potions/buffs/foods mentioned above are welcome.

    Thanks :)

  • It depends on your targets defense for when it's better to use atk vs dmg food, low defense targets- use dmg, around your attack# or higher- use attack food.

    Other buffs you could have are:
    Ultimate shot(VN cape)
    Burning aggression (Mirrorworld)