How to get Ironbloodwill Title?

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  • I've been going with all attribute path, then the path diverged into to, tactical smash thing and spreading chill. I choose tactical smash titles and latest i got one is the +8 i think.

    Now the npc only offers me the title with spreading chill skill. Should I accept it? Or is there an another npc I need to follow to get Ironbloodwill?

  • Yes, you have to complete both when the NPC offers you two quests that you can get at the same time. You have to go with all attributes branch in the ones you have to choose one or the other.

    Crycry R/M/Wd/W/S/D

    Grümpy Wl/Ch/M/P/R/W

    Just an old and humble legend :)

  • ty

    FT I copied and pasted the macro from the forum ,but

    didn't work

    /run SetTitleRequest(530467);

    /wait .2

    /cast Fire Training

    /wait 20

    /s ReCast Fire Training

    /s ReCast Fire Training

    /p ReCast Fire Training

    /p ReCast Fire Training

    /wait 40

    /wait 60

    /wait 60

    /wait 60

    /w Bleedingblak FT ready

    where am i making a mistake ?

  • At first check wether you have set the correct title ID. For this assume the title of choice and do /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetCurrentTitle())

    If that's set correct and still doesn't do a thing, sometimes "naked" commands don't work, you could try it with /run CastSpellByName ("Fire Training") instead

  • /run SA = 530467; STTH = 530724;

    /run SetTitleRequest(SA)

    /wait 0.2

    /run CastSpellByName("Fire Training")

    /wait 0.1

    /run CastSpellByName("Fire Training")

    /wait 0.2

    /run SetTitleRequest(STTH)

    mine work fine never fail ....sarkas show you title number macro so you can make similar every title whit this

  • STTH told you is title what you swap bk after you cast other tittle whit sarkas macro you can get any title number how is work? ..: use title on you press macro and you got number on chat this is title code then replace it as you like...mine is story title number if you not have you cant swap bk so replace it for some own title mobility speed or heal magic depends your class combo...if you not whant swap title after cast firetraining then just put akcio bar FT and cast it macro only you need when you wanna use good title after FT SA TS MR etc you cast

    and 1 SW skill good to have in akcio bar for see when is rdy then you not need put macro some timer / sw title have diferent cd so i prefer this/

  • *When copy/pasting a multi-line macros outside of the game it adds an invisible space(doesnt actually take up a space) after each line that breaks it. The first line is fine because reasons.
    So for example this is how you fix it-

    /run SetTitleRequest(530467); (good)

    /wait .2 (backspace)

    /cast Fire Training (backspace)

    /wait 20 (backspace)

    if you press backspace and it doesn't look like it deleted anything you know that was the problem

    Since Beta 2009-03-05