Fountain Buff Crashes Siege War

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  • Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other:

    Everyone in siege is in danger of crashing more than normal due to this buff.


    Three buffs are received from the fountain in Varanas Central where the Chaos Vortex entrance spawns. You pay 30k gold to receive a buff. When the gold total reaches the 66m, 132m and 200m respectively (I think?), anyone with the 30k gold buff will receive a second buff...

    The three buffs are:

    "Wish Fulfilled: Courage" - 30% EXP

    "Wish Fulfilled: Luck" - 30% Drop Rate

    "Wish Fulfilled: Devotion" - 30% TP

    Their respective IDs are: 621995, 621996, 621997

    These buffs cause excess crashing in siege for both sides.

    Here is a thread I made on the situation a year and half ago. It told me to make a new thread instead of bumping it.

    Remove 12 Hour Haidon Fountain Buffs from game to prevent significant crashes in siege


    All but specifically Aeterna this time.

    Version: but also every other one for the past 3 years.

    Just had our 36 vs 36 siege between the top two guilds on US get ruined because our side had 40-50 crashes in the first 5 minutes, followed by us backing out because it wasn't worth the problems. It has been a problem for years.

    Playing again in 2018 2020 (Maybe)


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  • the fact its been going for years shows how much they care to fix it j.s but it is always good to give them a general reminder hah

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    The UD/AFK King.

  • well exp buff is good for farming peak atm so remove it would be bad choice but fixing so you can remove it yourself or remove the effects that cause people crash.

  •…lectobject&imageid=578261 The skill "Heart of the Oak" was affected by same issue many years ago, but that got fixed. Later Runewaker seemed to have reused the old effect, causing the issue to reappear on a new buff.