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  • If I copy this game into a usb stick , will it be played in the internet cafe ??

    so if i download the game directly into usb i can play it ??

  • The PC needs to be able to find it. There is a process during installation that sets the desktop icon so it knows where to go. So maybe yes, and maybe no. If you are using the USB flash stick as if it were an external drive during install, then that PC should find it. External drives are dirt cheap these days and run straight off the same USB port. That would be the way I would do it.

  • Maybe this needs more explanation. Having never been to an internet cafe, I don't know whether you are using your own PC or a notebook rented from the cafe. I'm not a trained PC expert. I am more the IT version of a shadetree mechanic, so anyone more knowledgeable is welcome to correct my gaffs.

    First consider the difference between a laptop and a notebook. A laptop is basically the same as a desktop in that it has everything to be self contained. It has a hard drive or a solid state drive capable of storing many gigabytes of data. Your programs, your documents, your photos and videos all store on the PC. A notebook has barely enough storage to hold the Widows, Chrome, or Mac operating system. Programs and files are automatically sent to cloud storage. Some notebooks don't even have enough extra storage to hold the latest Windows update, and the poor thing stays out of date. I learned this by accident when I thought I was getting a great deal on a Lenovo laptop, only to find it was a notebook and useless outside of web access. Fortunately, I found an empty M.2 slot and was able to add a ssd storage card and convert it to a laptop.

    If you are using a notebook, you can download the gameforge launcher and the ROM files to an external drive, such as a thumbdrive or other external device. In that situation, ONLY the PC used to load the game onto the external drive will be able to access it. If you are using someone else's PC, you must use that same PC every time. If you are using your own notebook, thien you are fine, but the game will operate very slowly when porting around, or even logging in.

  • the purpose is to load the game in flash memory and play it on different desktop computers

    i.e. in internet cafes

  • Have not tried it myself but if you do the NoCheckVersion thing and place your own client.exe shortcut on the desktop each time then this may work.
    (But only with accounts that can log in like this)

    Since Beta 2009-03-05

  • I can then only say go ahead and try, but don't be too upset if it doesn't work for you. Also remember, you probably have to download to the flash drive directly from the Gameforge website, and if the PC is too slow, you may not get it done in the number of hours the cafe is open.

  • No new festival events or a single bug fix of any kind again this patch? :(

    At this point I hope I have enough time to make the video content I want to do before the server goes. #Soon®
    (See my current works here and here)
    5% of me still hopes that the lack of updates is because of diverting work to actual important peak systems etc.

    Since Beta 2009-03-05

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