Does the Sealing Item in the IS protect from?

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  • For the 2nd time in 3 weeks I am kicking myself for what I did. I am so upset over the what I did yesterday 09/29/2020. It makes the 1st blunder seem very minor, which the ticket was answered very quickly in that case.

    A ticket was immediately submitted this morning when I saw the biggest blunder I ever did in my 10 years of Playing. I hope this gets answered just as quickly, if not sooner!!!

    Does the Sealing Item in the shop protect you from accidentally selling, or deleting the item you use it on?

    If it does I will be buying 1-2 of them ASAP!!!


  • ( I havent looked in the IS yet. )

    You want this:

    201541 Equipment Lock

    "Lock a wearable item. Once locked, the item cannot be exchanged, traded, refined, disenchanted, abandoned, have its runes changed, or be used as ammunition. Use Equipment Release to unlock."

    And to reverse it:

    201542 Equipment Release

    "Used to unlock items in the backpack that have been locked with an Equipment Lock. You will need to enter your secondary password."

    You do NOT want "Equipment Sealing Device". This item prevents only PVP-drops , we do not have PVP servers anymore. It is useless nowadays.

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    This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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  • Thank you very much. If I get the item back you can bet I will be getting it ASAP!

  • Interesting addon. It could check 4 more things:

    • Item has currently more durability than maximum durability.
      (= player has used a hammer)
    • Item has 4, 5 or 6 named stats.
      (= player very likely has added some stats, because only extremely few item you get have that much stats from the beginning)
    • Item has maximum level which is currently possible in the game and a durability of 102 or greater.
      (= might be worth something or was probably planed as new equipment)
    • Item has a right-click ability when equipped.
      (= PvP gloves, cape or ring from nightmare of Varanas, ring from Hall of Earth, shilds and talisman from Grafu castle, ... which are seldom or have special purpose)

    If you know who is maintaining it, then let him/her know.