Honor for losing Siege War

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  • I really feel that it would be nice to get Honor Points for losing Siege War. It doesn't have to be a lot, even just 20 honor points, but I do think that this would be really helpful.

    There are some guilds that you just KNOW you're going to lose against, and it's hard to convince myself to struggle for 40-60 minutes knowing not only that we stand no chance but also that you're getting 0 honor for this.

    I would honestly prefer something like 20 points of honor and a small guild contribution package.

    That way even if we know we're going to lose, we can at least show up knowing we will get something useful (even if it's just a few scraps) instead of feeling like not showing up at all and maybe causing problems with guild mates over it.

    EDIT: Also I think this contributes to people leaving guilds for ones that have a more consistent Siege record, which makes things even more imbalanced since people will just leave for the winning team so that they can get the honor points they need, therefore making the weaker guilds even MORE weak and the strong guild overwhelmingly strong.

    I hope this makes sense. Poorly written, but English is my first language, I am just le dumb.

    Please consider and thank you!

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  • facepalm.png

    Daten die ich hier im Forum oder per PN erhalte, werden "möglicherweise" bei mir verarbeitet. Eventuell werden sie auch von mir unkontrolliert weiterverbreitet... wenn Sie das verhindern wollen, vermeiden Sie einfach Daten zu hinterlassen.


    8o  :thumbsup:


  • OH I saw it today, they only show you in general tab (as opposed to when you win a big message pops up showing the amt of honor received)

    Whoops :)

    500 honor for losing aint bad