Item shop item, to allow Cenedril Heart Trading Suggestion.

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  • Since suggestions have been previously made, I offer a different solution to this problem.

    A ticket or something, for the Item Shop so we can swap Cenedril Hearts with someone else who has a ticket or however it gets done?

    It could be where the ticket would have a time limit of at least 2-3 days or more depending? I would like to see a permanent ticket but then again I know you have to make money by selling diamonds. So I wonder if that would solve that issue?

    People would be buy them. It could cause more people to either buy more diamonds or the demand would be high enough that more diamonds would be bought by the diamond buyers to make even more gold. Either way you could make money.

    It may not always be sale after sale after the first couple of weeks but people would need them again in the future.

    Don't forget if this get approved I get a free

    Thank you for considering this.

  • well the point is, i've checked almost every subject in the suggestion section and none of them has been done

    countless suggestion, and it seems all of them were not good enough to make GM consider XD XD

  • We don't necessarily have to impress the GMs with our suggestions. It helps , but ultimately the GF overlords and RW have to like it.

    ooh, and do you know what GF and RW like? bc there are like 100 threads in the suggestion section left unimplemented.

    makes it look pointless to make suggestion.

  • They were 100 to 120 diamonds when they were on sale a few weeks ago, so some adjustment has been made.

    I believe that when they first showed up they were in the highest tier of the {Drum roll} WHEEL OF DEEESTINYYY!!!

    Then they showed up as a one-in-a-hundred day 28 log-in chest.

  • I'll admit this is not a pressing issue for me personally. I will just point out that It might be easier to implement the exchange of Cenedril Hearts through Eve, Frank, Hilary and Owenstein.

  • Under the current arrangement the hearts are proof you did the work yourself. otherwise pay2win players would buy a bunch of diamonds from GF, then sell them in world chat, then buy their cenedril levels. The other mats are tradeable, but IMHO hearts being bound is a good thing.