Draco pets and cards - overview

  • To trade for a draco pet you need a zodiac pet and the corresponding amount of draconis of the same element (10 draconis for newborn, 50 for adult, 250 for legendary). Arthomon (draco keeper NPC at varanas gates) will make the trade for you. A draco pet brings no benefits, but you do get it's monster card when you trade for it.

    Draco trading options | draco card's bonus (newborn/ adult/ legendary):

    Festival of fire: Capricorn pet + Geo draconis = Crius draco | +61/+91 /+152 defense

    Flower festival: Aquarius pet + Aero draconis = Tethys draco | +28/+39/+73 damage

    Masked Ball: Pisces pet + Hydro draconis = Oceanus draco | +61/+91/+152 magical defense

    Spring rain festival: Aries pet + Pyro draconis = Coeus draco | +28/+39/+73 magical damage

    Music festival: Taurus pet + Geo Draconis = Cronus draco | +61/+91 /+152 defense

    Craft festival: Gemini pet + Aero draconis = Rhea draco | +28/+39 /+73 damage

    Colorweave Festival: Cancer pet + Hydro draconis = Mnemosyne Draco | +61/+91 /+152 magical defense

    Fairy Tale Event: Leo pet + Pyro draconis = Hyperion draco | +28/+39/+73 magical damage

    Juice Festival: Virgo pet + Geo draconis = Iapetus draco | +61/ +91/ +152 defense

    Pumpkin festival: Libra pet + Aero draconis = Theia Draco | +28/+39/+73 damage

    Autumn Banquet: Scorpio pet + Hydro draconis = Themis Draco | +61/ +91/ +152 magical defense

    Snowflake festival: Sagittarius pet + Pyro draconis = Phoebe draco | +28/+39/+73 magical damage

    If you collect all 12 draco of the same stage (newborn/adult/legendary) you can show them to obtain a mount from Arthomon (draco keeper NPC at varanas gates).

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  • If you collect all 12 draco of the same stage (newborn/adult/legendary) you can trade them for a mount at Arthomon (draco keeper NPC at varanas gates).

    Like the zodiac dragons you get to keep all the dracos you don't trade them in. Also it doesn't cost more draconaris. Did it use to? And did it used to take all your pets? lol

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  • My wiki page very clearly says you have to trade Draconaris and a Zodiac Pet to get the first grade of Draco Pet, just like the Zodiac Pets. you can then reaquire and raise the Zodiac Pet so you can have both. Eventually you can collect them all.

    Oh, I get it. You were talking about the mount. Yes, that requiress you to have all of the Draco's, but does not take them.

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