A Summer Month Full of Events

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    Even couch potatoes know this Taborean summer is going to be hot. The inhabitants are enjoying a well-deserved vacation and are wading in crystal-clear water to escape the scorching sun. You should also go for a cool swim, because Runes of Magic will be heating up in the coming weeks!

    How It Works

    Different, exciting events await you each week this month in Taborea. This includes a boost event and an event where you can get your hands on the highly sought after Proof of Myth, High Quality Peak Fragments and Peak Experience Orbs. Don’t miss out on the fun!

    Event 1: As Much as You Can Carry

    Duration: 3/8/2020 (12:00 AM) to 10/8/2020 (12:00 PM server local time)

    Grab more loot: receive a drop rate increased by 200% during the event – this is your chance to get shiny, new armor for your adventure!

    Event 2: Shopping Fever

    Duration: 10/8/2020 (12:00 PM) to 17/8/2020 (12:00 PM server local time)

    Eve, Frank, Hilary and Owenstein didn’t travel to the coast to relax with all their friends. No, they stayed here to help supply adventurers like you with useful items. You can find them in the Central Plaza of Varanas (Channel 1). So use the occasion to get rewards like the Birthday Cake or Birthday Muffin, the Badge of the Trial and more! Because these four will definitely need a small vacation by the end of the event.

    Event 3: Busy Point Collector

    Duration: 17/8/2020 (12:00 AM) to 24/8/2020 (12:00 PM server local time)

    You want experience and talent points? Then this is the right event for you, because all the experience points won through quests or battles here are increased by 200%. Talent points collected in battles are increased by 500%.

    Event 4: After the Vacation is Before the Vacation

    Duration: 24/8/2020 (12:00 PM) to 31/8/2020 (12:00 PM server local time)

    After a short break Frank and Hilary have returned from faraway lands to the Varanas City Plaza (Channel 1). They have brought back an amazing selection of goods: get excited for the Proof of Myth, Peak Fragments and Peak Experience Orbs.

    Have fun in our summer events!

    The RoM Team

  • Dear players,

    Thank you for your feedbacks regarding our events. We have received questions about drop events drop rates, therefore we would like to inform you that drop boost is applied only when you are in the party!

    Your ROM Team