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  • I have just received an honour title using credits from the SW. It was called the First Major - Magic Division called Mad Rush, but I cannot find the title anywhere. I have tried looking in the 'T' for titles and all the vanguard ones are there but not this one. Can anyone tell me where I could find it and what the point of it is. At the moment I am currently a Vanguard Lieutenant General which gives 56 to all attributes, yet this one (when I find it) seems pretty useless as apposed to this one. Thanks

  • When you equip a sw title, any buff that is not permanent shows on your skills page (page 1). From there it like any skill can be dragged to your action bar for use. Mad Rush is the skill, not the title, the title is called First Major - magic division. Equip that title and the skill Mad Rush will show up in your skills book.