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  • somebody please help me... I'm very new to the game, obviously .... I can't figure out how to use my bow and arrows ... I am a scout and I have it down in my hotkeys, but nothing happens when I press the corresponding number, she never draws the bow. Is there some training or something i should be doing? Is there anybody out there that would like to adopt me and help me out for a while???? :):)

  • Press K and you'll see a window with 3 or 4 tabs (*4 if you have a second class in which case in your third tab you'll have your second class Primary Skills). First are General Skills where you have "Attack", which should be already in your skill bar. In second tab are your Scout Primary Skills and you just need to drag and drop them on your skill bar (also lvl them a little bit using your talent points), In the third tab* are your Scout Class Specific skills and you should do the same. Main action bar have numbers from 1 to 0 -= and you can use your keyboard or just click the icons.

  • or, even a bow equipped. Placing your bow on your action bar will only equip and unequip it. You need to have skills on the action bar. and to have equipped a bow and some arrows on your paper doll (Press C). Or, clicking on the bow in your bag will automatically equip it, same with the arrows.

  • Any and all the skill that you will use.

    You start with a few skills at first. As you level, you get new skills, and as you play, you gain Talent Points (TP) to upgrade your skills. As you progress, you will figure out which skills are useful and which skills are useless.