[QUEST] Acceptance Brings Opportunity

  • Hello Dear community,

    I come to you with a question related to the quest specified in the title of this Thread.

    Did some research and found out that the quests itself is categorized as hidden. The quest is needed for the last title in Kingdom of Rorazan.

    Anyway some other players told me that once you miss this quest its impossible to regain it. Is that true?

    I find it a bit unfair that such things happen in ROM. Players doing this the very first time like myself have almost no way of knowing that this might happen.

    That's a shame... a title lose cause of a silly quest.

    Thanks and have a good one.


  • I was so excited to finally finish the quest line and move to Rorazan that I probably didn't read all the next quest's description that talks about going to Varanas first. Yes, I wish they would change it so it's less confusing.

    Cenre Thanks for the tip, I'll contact support and see what they can do for me.