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  • hi everyone, I have read from some posts the possibility of dropping the recipe for Kibensty's Blade of Constraint (210691), some players say that for years they have not seen it.I would really like to know from an administrator if there really is this possibility and in the eventuality where and at what level thanks

  • Once upon a time, the support used to answer us that they kept equity between servers and so they couldn't answer some of our questions about quests or ways to achieve some titles...

    Where is the equity when Zikiel and Idun servers can not hope have some cooks with serenstum recipe and have to beg for some serenstum stacks in charity events ?

    Where is the equity when Zikiel and Idun have no possibly to craft "Wing of the Dragonking" which stays the best second hand for war/mage...

    Etc., etc.

    Perhaps Game Admins could, at least, enlighten us about the road map of the fix... After all we prove some patience waiting near two years since this post has collected the missing items list... Don't we ? Couldn't they ?

    "En vérité la Présence était Rose et en forme de Licorne. Mais si puissante était-Elle, que je ne pus la contempler. Aussi, la nommons-nous la Licorne Invisible Rose ; sa présence est trop incommensurable pour que nos faibles yeux la voient et nos faibles esprits la conçoivent. C'est par notre foi que nous savons qu'Elle est Rose, et qu'Elle est une Licorne. Et vraiment ceux qui disent le contraire sont des hérétiques et des infidèles !"

  • Perhaps Game Admins could, at least, enlighten us about the road map of the fix...

    Unfortunately we can't.

    To be honest, we don't know the roadmap, but even if we knew, it would be team internal infomation.

  • They (GF) used to run contests, actually the last one was not that long ago, where the prize could be any recipe that existed at any time in the game. I know a person that got the Laor Forest Tart recipe that way.

  • Don't forget realgar wines, hot stews, eggrice etcetcetc ; )
    and old unobtainable equipment like old siege gloves : D

    Since Beta 2009-03-05