Desperate Measures

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  • No matter how many times I beat up the official, the quest never completes. Someone said I need wine to do that? What are they talking about? Morrok never gave me anything.

  • Go easy on him, hit him slow and not too hard, without weapons if you have to.

    And yes, the wine thing is another quest.

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    Just an old and humble legend :)

  • What I found was that the surrounding guards need to attack you. Was killing them all first to make it easier and it would not complete. Left one alive to attack me, removed my weapon so I did not damage the official too much, and it completed.

  • I have leveled bare-handed to 82. Didn't finish. I can try the leaving one guard thing, but the toons that are struggling are 12 or more levels above the quest. Maybe I should build a white vendor gear set with tons of defense and not a lot of attack. Then kill most of the guards and start slapping the official.

  • So what I did was kill all the guards except one. I allowed him to hit me while I used the 1 key to attack the official with my sword. After he says his third sentence, the quest completes and you can kill the guard. I found out the wine needed is for the quest with the guy in the basement.