New Autologin - all log ins + fix for "Loading server list"

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  • Version 0.1.0


    Published with permission of the author.

    Please create a backup of your old log in addon.


    • Fixes the "Loading server list" without the need to add account data
    • Saves log in data for old Rom accounts that log in via "NoCheckVersion"
    • Enters the secondary password when using Steam or the Gameforge client to log in
    • Improved server selection
    • Improved character creation with optional name generator
    • Lists of "NoCheckVersion" accounts and characters to log in with optional notes
    • Log in onto a predefined channel

    Installation guide

    This addon cannot be used simultaneously with other log in addons. You have to remove them first.

    To install this addon you have to extract the .zip archive, and move the directory "loginxml" into (Path to Runes of Magic)/interface.

    Set up NoCheckVersion accounts

    Add account data

    Open file data/accounts.lua

    1. _defaultPassword = 'PASSWORD',

    Definition of a default primary password that is used if an account or character is defined in a list, but no primary password has been found in the account { section.


    An account with primary and secondary password

    1. ['ACCOUNT'] = 'PASSWORD',

    An account with primary password defined here, the secondary password is either definied in the password.lua or entered manually

    Set up of account and character lists

    Options available are:

    Set up of pages

    2 times account_columns of lists can be added to each page.

    Setting of the secondary password

    Open file data/password.lua:
    Replace all words written in capital letters with you data, delete unused entries or disable them line by line via --.

    The secondary passwords defined here are used for Gameforge Client and Steam log ins.

    If you log in via NoCheckVersion you can also define your secondary password here, but the one defined in data/accounts.lua is prioritized.

    1. return {
    2. _default = "DEFAULTSECPASSWORD",
    3. SERVERNAME = {
    5. },
    6. }


    Setting Default Description
    channel 1 Channel that is preselected on log in
    show_account_info true Hides account name in the top right corner
    account_single_click false Logs in account with a single click, default is double click
    account_force_show false Empty list are hidden
    account_use_slider true Enables a slider to switch between pages
    account_use_list true Enables a list to switch between pages
    account_columns 5 Numbers of columns of lists
    account_page 1 Number of page to be displayed first
    server_single_click false Logs into the server selection with a single click, default is double click
    character_single_click false Logs into the character selection with a single click, default is double click
    character_login_single true Skips character selection if there is only one character on the server to select from
    character_nologin_ctrl true If an account is selected, and there is only one character to choose from, the log in stops in the character selection if "Ctrl" is pressed and character_login_single is active
    character_sort true Enables sorting of characters in the character selection by level. If disabled the characters aren't sorted, the oldest character is displayed at the top

    Fix for "Loading server list"

    in case you are stuck at "Loading server list" press "Cancel", then "retry".


    if you encounter any bugs or have any question please reply to this thread.

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  • Am I still able to use the new Autologin addon after I have linked character accounts to the Gameforge account? I've tried changing the account file, but the NoCheckVersion launch doesn't seem to log on any of the toons.

  • Once you've linked your account to your Gameforge master account, you cannot log in via NoCheckVersion anymore. You've lost this log in method for your account forever. This addon cannot change this.

    However, a linked account (or a Steam account) can still use the "Automatically fill out secondary password" feature and the character selection/character creation features.

    You have to remove the now linked account from your account.lua, as the entry is of no use anymore.

    Instead, please refer to the "Setting of the secondary password" section.

  • Please see the titel and the feature list.

    This autologin does exactly that.

    Just.. if you mean "I want to add my Gf launcher account to the account list cos I don't want to use the Gf launcher": Sorry, that is not possible with an addon. You have to start the game via Gf launcher or Steam if the accounts are linked.