is it really normal?

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Where is my int mat” to “is it really normal?”.
  • yes, that is normal. lol

    i've used hundreds of poms… just to get 1 stat I needed before...

    then another time ill get 3-5 good stats out of 100 poms,

    RNG usually ends up worse off though in this game that's for sure haha

    Back in kbnh days there was leather boots entire server wanted, something like only 2-3 OD dropped on entire server despite multiple guilds running it, same holds true with some chest pieces or weapons from certain content in certain ages of rom.

    I personally ran VoR since it first came out up until recently... and never, ever got an od chest... so hows that for RNG? I ran the instance for over 2 years.... and never got what I was looking for... and ended up replacing with Darkfang Set from ST...

    Moral of story, be happy you even got some lolol

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  • 217 run solo haunted house portal event loot I write to give an idea.

    0 mage item (comedy)

    6 healer item (1 hd 5 ld)

    5 chain item (5 ld)

    5 leather item ( 5 ld)

    9 plate item (1 hd 8 ld)

    2x talisman (ld)

    1x dagger (ld)

    21 run :2x prof

    33 run: 10x badge

    25 run: 30x dreamland sigil

    33 run: 50x energy

    23 run: 25x mem

    20 run: 3x peak lvl fragment

    34 run: 30x shell

  • sems i not lose anything by not even enter this special event instance ....well once i do and 3rd portal never apper after forum say is fixed so after 1h run just port out!

  • When is it added to the game? I've been waiting since September. No information, nobody knows.

    I got that years ago, there's hundreds of random clothing pieces that come and go and some only once ever. Whatever happened to the angel blade?

    On topic- Use the 'DungeonLoot" addon. It had an item list/search option and if you double click any item there it will tell you what stats can happen and what % they happen.
    For example every shell pull has 4 possible stats all divided equally 25% you can prove it with the addon there is no preference to patk or anything. Shell and PoM pulls have always been equally fair.
    NOT everything is fair though, you can check arcanium or EoJ best rewards to see an actual crooked loot table

    Since Beta 2009-03-05