Thoughts on Runes of Magic and Suggestions on, maybe, how to make it a better game.

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  • Runes of Magic is a fun game with great potential, that a lot of us, including Magío and I (Roxzincrazy/Yungyeezus), have enjoyed for many years, playing an embarrassing amount of hours on a daily basis. That being said, this game has been on a decline for quite a long time, one that doesn’t seem that will end, and will result in the shutdown of the game. When we first heard of the Steam® release, so many ideas came to our minds of what this could be the start of, only to find out that it would be the exact same game with the exact same disappointment on a different platform. That brings us to where we are now, and the purpose in which we are writing this. We believe that this game still has potential, and could still be successful with the right adjustments. We have taken the time to think of many of the things about this game that could be adjusted in order to recreate a successful MMORPG, and the reasons in which this game has been so fun over the many years.

    We will proceed to categorize elements of the game and explain the pros and cons of each, as well as general points that need to be fixed/that were done well in regards to developing Runes of Magic. There will also be suggestions within these categories of what we have thought of to be ideas that could drastically improve Runes of Magic going forward.

    When we initially saw that this game was being released on steam, the first idea that came to both our minds was that this is the prime opportunity for Runes of Magic to have a fresh start server. We do not mean simply open up a new and empty server with the current level cap and content. Our idea was to set back the cap to level 55, allowing people to all start at the same time and not progress too far ahead, all while fixing the issues that we’ve seen historically throughout the game’s life as this new server progresses. This would be a remarkable opportunity to do so as Runes of Magic was indeed a game with great potential, and could still be a great game with several fixes, even if some are difficult ones. Releasing Runes of Magic on Steam, with the proper advertising, could very well bring popularity back to the game, although all of that is pointless if the issues that drove players away are not addressed. The best start to that is to let everyone have a fresh start and reducing the level cap back to what it was a very long time ago.

    Many of us loved Runes of Magic and still to this day think back to it as one of, if not the best MMORPGs that we’ve played, and we have all played very many. With some work, effort, and communication between the developers, publishers, and mainly the players, this game could bounce back in popularity. This list is by no means complete, nor is it perfect, although the only way for a “perfect” list to be created is if Runewaker and Gameforge both allow the players to give input, and respond to the input as time goes by. This goes far past simply asking for things in the cash shop, this has to do with the game as a whole. The choice is yours, though this choice could very well mean the end of this game completely.

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  • Offering my opinion- please remember that at one time my opinion plus a 2 bits would buy a cup of coffee. It doesn't even go that far any more.

    I started when Savage Lands was Cap, somewhere around 53, maybe? I remember it took longer and longer to get each level, and there was a certain satisfaction to it. I was truly disappointed when I finished Redhills in a single weekend. It was around that same time the third class idea came along, and with it the hyper-speed leveling through CoO and Xaviera. It is not nearly as satisfying or fulfilling to reach cap anymore. I can start an alt in Valley of Preparation, do a couple days worth of "Helping Them Grow" to get p-tokens, then power level in a couple days to 30 or higher dragging my alt through Goblin Mines. Then from level 41, I can do dailies only in XAV and get a level a day with dailies only, even faster on point bonus events. Then at 48 start running Butterflies.

    Of course the stats are so much stronger, even new toons with a few statted pieces have no difficulty doing the quests. I don't think we can or should stop the progression of the stats, but can we get the challenge back into the next couple zones?

  • Those are some great texts - unfortunately also walls of text ;)

    I read through most of it and I agree on almost everything, great suggestions there! I am just commenting on the parts I disagree on, so please keep that in mind when you are reading all my answers. I hope someone important will read and understand at least some of your points and somehow manage to make RW implement some changes - although I think it is unlikely.

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  • Me thinks this would be the correct thread to post this request for game improvement. Being end game in most of my classes, I REALLY do not like spending 20 to 30 minutes doing dailies, yet the last zone added makes us do exactly that. I think the best daily in the game in the "Training Ground" in the Kingdom or Rorazan. Takes less than 5 min. Could all future dailies be set up so that they don't take more than a few minutes to do so we can get on to actually playing ROM with our friends and guild mates? Thank you.

  • @SgtStriker

    In the likely case they don't hear you out, just do Research Expert in Kashaylan. Takes 2 minutes tops... even when you're drunk.

    Cons of said quest: Far from teleport NPC and sometimes there are morons who park their char near the potions needed to be clicked to complete the quest, covering them, thus making it harder for other people to do the quest.

  • Cost of Magic in Moorlands of Farsitan takes no longer than 5 minutes and can be done with alts at the same time. Don't see why people feel the need to do the dailies in the latest zone for an extra few TP and gold.

  • Cost of Magic in Moorlands of Farsitan takes no longer than 5 minutes and can be done with alts at the same time. Don't see why people feel the need to do the dailies in the latest zone for an extra few TP and gold.

    A few extra TP is a more TP. Same for gold, especially if you are in a constant state of being to broke to buy anything at the now inflated prices on the server. Case in point about inflated prices are simple repair hammers. You used to be able to get them for 1K each, 1.3 for the high priced ones in the AH. I see them regualarly going for 4K to 5K each. And 240M for a piece of jewelery (and someone bought it) is ridiculous.

    I know about the Farsitan daily. At least you can group up, provided people are live, in Farsitan which a problem at times when they macro and disappear.

  • Mini games loot. I am really getting tired of getting up to 3 Vanquisher's Loot in a single mini game and if I am lucky getting 1 Material Package for Musical Instruments after doing 4 of them. I'm sure I'd get more ov the VL if I'd do the memory game (Little Girl). Seeing as how the Dev's removed Laor Forest Tart and Serenstum receipes because they were to OP (even though Warlock/Championshave are more OP than those foods), could the dev's PLEASE limit the VL as a "reward" from completing Gobs?

  • Since they won't bring back NPC Cedric because of botters and fraud., How about an NPC that let's you trade ancient Memento for diamonds, there needs to be a way for people to PLAY to WIN!