random chest bug

  • When u use Random Chest ( from new quest Chaos Chest for 1k stomping grounds copper coins ) while in queue of stomping grounds it's just disappears and u get nothing at all:cursing: And it writes yellow mistake at monitor that u can use this chest only at stomping grounds:huh::?:

    here is screenshot

    m/wd flaming oppos;)

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  • 20% on 1x PVP stuff

    15% on 3x PVP stuff

    5% on 5xPVP stuff

    (all stomping ground items)


    15% on other stuff (Phirius potts, guild resources, rubies, plus stones, rephammers


    1.8% on 30 day mounts (on 1 of 100 different)

    1.2% on even more 30 day mounts (on 1 of a further 66)


    3% on 30 days of pets (1 of 55 different)


    0.5% on 100 silver coins

    3% on 50 silver coins

    10% on 25 silver coins

    10% on 5 silver coins

    15% on 1 silver coin

    It´s a list from SaitoHajime from a Germen thread

  • It is not a bug that always comes up if you have received an item for stomping ground, but as these can only be obtained in it (apart from the NPC) they disappear in the Open World

    but why it disappears:S if when u buy from npc it stay in backpack and from quest for 50 copper coins from frog also u get item and it stay in backpack, why item from chest disappears? it's still bug and item should stay in backpack same as from npc that sell items or same as from frog quest;) but still ty for answer cause as i see i won't get any answer like this from our gms :thumbdown:

    m/wd flaming oppos;)

  • when you will have the Items, wait for the next stomping ground round and open the chest at the field when you stay invis at the beginning.... but maybe you can become items they don´t stack.... so 2x HP reg or something