Itemshop or new items in general

  • I believe where gambling is involved online, there is a new regulation that photo ID, proof of address and pictures of certain aspects of your bank card are required. Can anyone confirm whether of not this is required to buy diamonds these days? If not, and plussing is deemed a form of gambling, maybe they could be liable for something and a litigation started against them? :D

  • The promotion has now been replaced for the weekend with the previous one as a hotfix.

    Will the originally planned promotion appear at all and in a correctly configured state? We'll see after Monday, I guess.

    Is not like it is a great promotion, but the other one was really useless, so any news about? I imagine ppl buying dias to get +30 and then go to the IS after the ""maintenance"" to find the 99.9% fail chance +20.

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  • + for removing the drop lvl for first sugestion,

    i understand the failure but the rate is low for + items

    have more changes if the item is clean to make + on the item, thant after you used the item and durability is drop rate to make + is drop