Itemshop or new items in general

  • Why has anything new turned into a gamble?

    wheel, flashauction, gashas you name it

    there is zero point to open the itemshop if you dont want to gamble

    so far no new items are put in store at regular fixed price

    and i am not alone many others wondering whats up and also refusing to use real money for scams


  • well we get just more an more of this gamble look easter wheel lol

    i would gladly spend some diamonds in the shop if i would get the things i want but like this a big nope

    personally i dont go to any store and buy items that dont exist or is just a pile of poo from whats described


  • maybe high quality experience potion change to dia instead of ruby ?

    even some exp stuff offer come on promo?

    maybe endable craft exp rune ?

    RW force 1/100exp on peak and sems is will never fix maybe time to put something to promo? instead of this dura raise item ..ohh wait no new ini fix cant use on item same like plussing jewel!

    personaly i not care as DD can farm peak daily 2-3h but there many tank dbuffer healer who cant or will not made dps second gear farm exp....

    try to do something thx!


    Don't even touch todays item-shop promo! It's a scam! "Perfect jewels - no chance to drop"

    Someone at Gameforge have changed the settings, so now it FAIL more than ever before! 1/8 success rate..

    Im not happy :cursing::thumbdown:


    Don't fall for the temptation like i did, save your diamonds.

  • I used all 12 first rate tempered weapon jewels I got from Christmas event across all alts on a +19 hammer and every single one failed.... The first 12-20 master jewel I used after that +20d it...

    I also have used somewhere from 10-20 first rate enhanced(+16) jewels and I haven't had a single one work.
    These 'first-rate' jewels are more of a scam then the originals...

    Since Beta 2009-03-05

  • anyone else tired of hearing about plussing fails when its 2020?

    not knocking anyone here, yall have legit gripes. 100%

    problem is the fact they fail in general, at all, ever.

    I'm sure we all play many, many games over the years, or currently.

    Is there any other game that takes gamer's money this bad.. on a system that can fail... AND make your gear worse.....??

    as gms like to boast they read all, then READ THIS>

    REMOVE PLUSSING FAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The amount of money to plus any one piece of gear to 30... outweighs a monthly subscription of any game out there.


    probably would make more money tbh.. as people might have initiative to spend money to get to +30 rather than staying at 16 or 20, if there was no chance of failure.

    but hey... running it the way you guys have been since Froggy America...thats working right?

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  • Just last night someone told in our private channel that was tempted to buy dias and get some items plussed. I think he got scared 10 secs later after the flame of DON'T DO THAT I JUST HAD 10 FAILS ONE AFTER ANOTHER, PLS DON'T DO THAT!!... and that sort of things.

    Only the addiction keeps this game running. Nothing to do with clients happy or anything near to it.

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  • Imagine spinning a slot machine for 5$ then not only do you not win but you hit the extra loser bonus that takes an extra 10$ out of your account.

    That sounds insane but that's whats happening here

    Since Beta 2009-03-05

  • The maintenance is over and the item shop is accessible again.

    The errorneous promotion has been replaced with a previous one.


    Replaced with what? The current promo that have lasted a week?! You didn't replace anything, just removed the fails.

    Great weekend promo guys.. Also thought that the maintenance would fix the current festival promo, but seems like there wont be any..

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  • For US players: It was disabled around 2am german time - assuming the promotion in question starts at midnight (to Saturday) servertime, it was caught and shutdown before it hit US because it already had appeared on all of EU.

    The promotion was:

    Packages of 10 +30 stones plus a random (of <packagetype>) plussing stone, with a chance of the bonus stone being a perfect +30 one of said package.

    Issue was: All packages (armor weapon accessory back) all just contained weapon stones. (Only the type of random bonus stone was correct)

    The promotion has now been replaced for the weekend with the previous one as a hotfix.

    Will the originally planned promotion appear at all and in a correctly configured state? We'll see after Monday, I guess.

    [This user speaks English on a near native level.]

    [This user speaks German on a native level.]

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    In the beginning the Universe was created.

    This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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  • Thisis the 2nd time this neck has gone from being +25 or +24, down to +21 and +22. Plussing is a joke and promoting a gambling culture which isn't healthy and can have knock on effects elsewhere outside of the game. The gambling commissions should be made aware of this game being one of those promoting "loot box" style form of gambling.

  • Remove droping, reduce fails, be clear about chances of succes. Do like this and ppl will make more chars and buy more jewels. Over 10 euros for a jewel that can fail 99%, NEVER. Be smart, not greedy. I would gladly spend money on this game, but not just throw them away. Some dude said that with the money spent on plussing you can pay any subscription to any other game for a month. Was kind. You can buy a new computer or a car.

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  • Yes it would be nice to let people know what they are getting themselves into, so release the plussing % chances for each jewel please. I have no doubt that you guys won't though because you'll know the stream of abuse you'll get. I'd be happy to be proven wrong though.

  • Well, at least not officially, but as usual there has been community effort regarding the topic.

    You might want to check out Plus-Chance der verschiedenen Aufwertungs-Steine in the german section. For context you'll have to read the remaining text though, try google translate or DeepL just in case.

    [This user speaks English on a near native level.]

    [This user speaks German on a native level.]

    [This user can curse in a variety of languages.]

    In the beginning the Universe was created.

    This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

    Trust me, I'm an engineer.....with epic skill and epic gear

  • I don't know the age restriction for rom but I assume children also play this game.

    When you use funds to buy some jewels ingame you should be able to get the item plussed to a certain level. But when there is chance added to it

    with the fail rate being way higher then the success rate the company is simply promoting gambling where the losses are more. and unregulated gambling can have serious consequences on children and This "loot box" style is doing that.

    Mechanics of "Loot boxes" are encouraging gambling-style behaviour among children, potentially leading them into addiction in later life.

    When it comes to its monetary value since Loot box winnings can be easily exchanged for cash on third-party websites and that their use by game developers will likely "facilitate profiting from problem gamblers" this can be regarded 100% as gambling which would certainly need to be regulated.

    I think some countries have already some regulations for this one such country is Belgium. I am sure others are also looking into this. But I don't think Gamgeforge/runewaker really cares about a society's welfare as-long as they can squeeze money out of people of any age group while promoting gamlbing to keep the cycle going.