General Game Mechanics in Runes of Magic

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    • Multiclass System: This is one of the best aspects of this game.
      • Being able to switch between many different class combos at will was very unique and provided a variety of classes for one to play. Different class combos were better at different jobs. Even with the same gear one character could do different roles (Warrior/Scout = Very High Burst, Low Sustain vs Warrior/Warden = Medium Burst, High Sustain -> Gear could also be used on other chain wearing classes such as Warden, and in the current meta, even to tank bosses as a Knight or Champion).
      • Some class combos were viable for endgame although the fact that it was so easy to simply switch your secondary and do double your damage caused the deterrence of players to playing certain class combos. Certain classes need to be more balanced so that there are more options for endgame class combinations. N.E.R.F B.L.O.O.D A.R.R.O.W (Also who thought it would be a good idea to put a 3000% DPS AoE skill into the game, c’mon guys)
        • Also certain classes were not played as a whole due to their inability to provide something or be the best at their job.
          • For example, Warden was not the best dps or tank therefore was only used as a Warden/Scout buffer. Knight/Warrior’s Authoritative Deterrence is essential in almost every instance therefore caused having a Warden/Warrior tank to be inefficient (wasting a spot because you would have to bring a knight/warrior anyway in turn preventing you from bringing something more useful in that one wasted slot). Warden/Warrior and Warden/Scout could also do amazing damage, in moderate burst but more so high sustain, although due to the majority of fights being burn or die, its viability died out.
    • Intricate combat system
      • Many different skills and classes that were designed in order for people to have a clear skill rotation, with a variety of skills that have clear uses for PvP as well as PvE. That being said, many skills were also used in very specific circumstances or against very specific targets, requiring one to know their class and be able to recognize these situations in order to have maximum effectiveness.
      • The ability to switch gear (or whole sets) while in combat. This greatly enhanced PvP strategizing. Min-maxing stats for situations at will.
    • Wardrobe system
      • The cosmetic system in this game is one of the most amazing of MMORPGs that we’ve experienced. All your outfits are very customizable as well as most of the outfits can be farmed (and not look ugly) rather than in most games where the nice cosmetics are usually cash shop items. Also, the festival in which you can exchange silks for cosmetics displayed by models in Varanas is a great way to allow seasonal/item shop cosmetics (that are not currently available) to be available to players at different times of the year.
      • Also all the customization is free! Yay Magic Wardrobe!
    • Guild castles in relation to PvP/General Gameplay
      • It was nice to see that guild castles were actually worth upgrading and gave an edge in PvE and PvP. It was also not that difficult to upgrade to a moderate level, preventing it from being unattainable for lower end players. This provided a goal for guilds to attempt to work towards collectively, as the advantage was significant enough to be worth working for.

    In this thread you can discuss about adding positives and/or negatives regarding general game mechanics.

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  • Multiclass System: This is one of the best aspects of this game.

    Wardrobe system

    Guild castles in relation to PvP/General Gameplay

    All those points are so good, I love all these aspects. Especially the (optional) complexity and diversity that you get from the dual class system (e.g. priest/warrior etc. as very interesting and refreshing ideas).

    Of course we need some balancing. The 3 tank classes do not have to be equally good, but at least they should be comparable (K/W not being mandatory) and everyone should have some unique bonus (although I think they already kind-of have, e.g. champion superiour for trash groups with all his AOE, knight having high defense, warden working with absorb skills at the right moments).

    The ability to switch gear (or whole sets) while in combat. This greatly enhanced PvP strategizing. Min-maxing stats for situations at will.

    On the other hand, this creates some very unfair-feeling mechanics, there is basically no defense except luck against an enemy in full PvP gear switching to damage gear to kill you and switching back before getting hit an. And having multiple equipments making you stronger makes the siege war even more expensive in terms of equipment needed (and therefore arguably P2W).

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  • Ch m 60.png 60
    50% HP
    5 minutes
    Self Circle (R: 200)
    Consumes half of caster's HP, attempts to deal a high amount of damage to all enemies in a range of 200 and reduce their resistance by 10.0 and defense by 10.0%. If the damage has been dealt successfully, the caster will not be able to move for 12.0 seconds.

    (Can only be used in a Shield Form state.)

    Reduction of Defense: 10.0 seconds. Damage is dependent of DPS and it is huge (??.0%).

    Elemental Rampage

    Main: Ralesius

    class: s/r/w/k/m 100/100/100/100/70

    alt: Ralence

    class: wl/ch/r/m/w/p 100/100/100/100/100

    guild: Dragonlords

    country: Serbia

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