Patch - 11th Anniversary Event

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    New content

    • The new Peak Hunting System has been added.
      • It's meant to provide additional ways of obtaining the items required for unlocking Peak Levels.
      • All players with the level above 20, can visit Mystery Hermit in Howling Mountains, outside of Logar.
      • Mystery Hermit will announce a hunting mission on the hour every 2 hours. There are currently 59 different Peak Hunt quests.
      • Fulfilling the given task in said period of time will grant Peak Fragments as a reward. The first three people who report back after the hunt will receive additional Peak Fragments.
      • Note: Once the time runs out, the quest will automatically disappear, whether or not it has been completed.
      • Fragments can be exchanged for rewards from the Mystery Hermit's Companion.
    • The new PvP Battleground "Stomping Grounds" has been added.
      • You can enter the battleground, by using the queueing interface next to the mini-map.
      • 25-30 players with level 100 can participate in the fight - you can register alone or in the group with up to 6 members.
      • You start with greatly reduced combat stats that you can increase over time: by killing monsters, successfully knocking out opponents, or opening chests.
      • The last surviving team or the last surviving fighter win - depending on the team size, you will receive different numbers of coins.
      • Copper Stomping Coin and Silver Stomping Coin can be exchanged for various items, which are useful for upcoming battles as well as new equipment and mount.
      • More information will be provided in the separate news.


    Adjustments and Bug fixes

    • [ItemShop] Topping up diamonds will no longer open another browser window.
    • [ItemShop] The preview of items in the Shop as well as incorrect shop page size while opening the Shop have been fixed in GF Client version of the game.

    Anniversary Event

    Festival Overview

    • (New) Adjustment: exchanging of Celebration Certificates to Anniversary Event Host now also has a chance to drop temporary versions of the new Cakemobile Mount Bag (30 Days) and Unicorn Pet Box (30 Days).

    (New) It's Not Easy Being a Greenhorn

    • Start NPC: Numar the Novice
    • Start location: Howling Mountains, outside of Logar
    • Event Target: Help Numar the Novice by participating in the combat on the Stomping Grounds and sharing 50x Copper Stomping Coins with him.

    A Magical Method of Disaster Aversion

    • Event type: transform into a frog, find and collect monsters
    • Start NPC: Sebastian
    • Start location: in front of Dalanis City
    • Event location: Thunderhoof Hills
    • Event Target: find and collect frogs

    Frog Killer

    • Event type: find and kill monsters, collect items
    • Start NPC: Witch Daila
    • Start location: Logar and Heffner Camp
    • Event location: Howling Mountains, Coast of Opportunities
    • Event Target: find and kill magic frogs to collect items

    Sea of the Frogs

    • Event type: collect items, defeat monsters
    • Start NPC: Misian
    • Start location: Heffner Camp
    • Event location: Coast of Opportunities
    • Event Target: collect ingredients, transform to a frog, find items and defeat guards

    Candara Frog Contest

    • Event type: like a battue
    • Start NPC: Ivan Asla
    • Start Location: Varanas City
    • Event location: Varanas City
    • Event Target: drive frogs through a racecourse.

    Flogg’s Fortune Cookie

    • Event type: find and collect
    • Start NPC: Flogg Shuiss
    • Start Location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event Target: use transformation potion and speak to frogs to obtain items

    Space Supremacy

    • Event type: collect within the time
    • Start NPC: Gredd Starchasser
    • Start Location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event Target: capture the coloured space balls within a limited time

    Frog Transformation

    • Event type: transform into a frog, find and catch monsters
    • Start NPC: Standler Luya
    • Start location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event location: Silverspring
    • Event Target: find the fairies and touch them in the right order

    Clear the Playground

    • Event type: capture monsters
    • Start NPC: Fell Cage
    • Start location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event Target: Use the net to capture the Light Crows flying above the ground

    Research Materials

    • Event type: capture monsters
    • Start NPC: Dennis Jones
    • Start location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event Target: Use the scent to capture a Greedy Ball floating in space

    Retrieve the Space Balls

    • Event type: capture items
    • Start NPC: Abu Brokenlamp
    • Start location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event Target: Retrieve the Faulty Space Balls to be repaired

    Treasure Riot

    • Event type: find and collect items
    • Start NPC: Kekonee
    • Start location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event Target: Find a collect the set of cards to trade them with Kekonee.

    Alalis Trial

    • Event type: Find the NPC
    • Start NPC: Peacher
    • Start Location: Varanas Central Plaza
    • Event Target: Follow Alalis closely and find her.

    Decryption Event

    • Event type: Become a Decoder and collect dimensional data by Fighting the Resark
    • Start NPC: Toris Misty
    • Start Location: Varanas Central Plaza
    • Event Location: Enigma Zone
    • Event Target: Throw Energy Balls at the Resark and collect dimensional data

    Birthday Cake

    • Event type: Interact with the 10th Anniversary Cake and get a buff and a piece of cake
    • Start NPC: 10th Anniversary Cake
    • Event Location: Varanas Central Plaza
    • Event Target: To give the Player two powerful buffs once per day.
    • Known issue: The cake is still named as 10th Anniversary, but rest assured it's still safe to eat! (mrugnięcie)

    In-game login event

    • Event description: Receive an 11th Anniversary Gasha on the first login of the day, in addition to Frog Mania Buff (stack up daily until a max of 5). Based on the number of stacks receive Celebration Certificates which can be exchanged at Anniversary Event Hosts.
    • Dates: 19.03 - 25.03
    • Additionally: Login on the 19.03 and receive a Little Jumping Flower - Pet Box.


  • Celes

    Approved the thread.
  • Patch - known issues

    • Some of the new Peak Hunt quests have no text, it will be fixed in near future.
      Below you can check the the target of the quest and zone/instance where to find it.
    Quest Target Zone
    427846 "Young Bear" Howling Mountains
    427847 "Hollow Shell" Forsaken Abbey
    427848 "Magister Gumas" Necropolis of Mirrors
    427849 "Dorlos" Mystic Altar
    427850 "Blackhorn Dorglas" Pasper's Shrine
    427851 "Iron Rune Warrior" Kalin Shrine
    427852 "Snow Blake" Treasure Trove
    427853 "Anglo" Barren Caves
    427856 Lorlin Origin
    427857 Life Leecher Origin
    427860 Lytfir Cave of the Water Dragon
    427861 Gestero Lair of the Demon Dragon


  • Here's the full list of possible hunting quests.

    (the quests from Celes' list above have even their description missing, but currently all of those quests are still SysXXXXXX_name in English):

    Adapted from the DE list I posted earlier in the other section. Hope it helps :)

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