Boundless [Guild]

  • We are a new guild, working on our castle and being as stress free as possible.

    We are aiming to run dungeons and such as we get there (mostly new or returning players) we love helping people figure out the game a bit, while we do too. We come from all corners of the globe - Australia, Canada, US, and even France. There is no requirement for level or donation to guild building, (except if you feel to donate of course). We have from 2 to 5 guild members online at different times, there are exceptions of course but we still welcome everyone here and will work with anyone who needs a hand with stuff as best we can.

    So if you would like a quiet, laid back guild, who will help when you need it, then feel free to join us.
    We look forward to getting to know you.

    Message posted: 13th Feb 2020