Flash Auctions feedback and suggestions

  • Hello ^^

    I tried the new Flash Auction and I like it :) the baby annofera is so cute <3:love:

    just few things:

    1) Gold icon

    Can you change the gold icons with Dias? for a moment i had the doubt that was gold bid not dias

    Also is nice to see even a ruby's auction :) (ruby icon is correct there)

    2) Item depot

    I received items in Item shop backpack not in item depot as wrote above and in the FAQ, is a bug or just the description is wrong?

    3) could you add some description about the red/yellow/green bar?

    cause when they started to became light blue I dont understand if is a countdown or a sort of item's availability O.o

    Thanks :)


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  • It was a nice idea but poorly executed. Items were basically useless.

    - 1kk TP orb for anything more than 1 diamond is an insult (takes 30sec-3 min to get 1kk tp in ST)

    - A pet with no bonuses.

    - A mount with same movement speed as others but for more dias.

    - Pet growth pot, you can get the same exp from a few miller's cakes or golden eggs.

    - Consumable items for rubies, it's way cheaper to use rental function for dias.

    In future I think that items should start at their promo price, not their regular price - i.e start golden hammers (x10) at 150 dias and not 190 dias. Then they might actually sell out and make the "flash auction" actually be a competitive auction rather than having most of the items unsold at the end.

  • my feedback is like this

    - problems first

    1. flash auction starts on server the ping will change from 100+ to 1500 just staying still so for 1.5h game is lagy

    2. after flash action ping 5k and force to return at meniu for select server

    3. on steam or game luncher is same


    make flash auction on website not in game to remove the lag and ping issues. recomand this not all players can acces game at same time.

    It me or other can see

    - in the last 1 min the were is time change "new price will change in ..." price is same cauze at evrey 15 sec the price change so in 15 min means 60 price changes

    - watching the flash action the price start from normal price and max price reduction to 40% depends on the how much items are available on normal evrey day need items

    NOTE ; For a limit time , and limit on availability of items the reduction is still low so my opinion is start from -10% and go max -70% if is time to buy and limit how much you can buy .

    - dont know if can acces as multiple buy on same item on flash auction - NOT TESTED

    - the evrey 15 sec price change and the amount of price change is low so is not "a flash" auction on my opinion

    NOTE: the idea is good but the feedback is bad when i see evrey 15 sec only drop 5 dias on price of 1000 dias NO NO NOT GOOD

    So main point of the IDEA is good but the implementation is not good cauze you focus on the players who is playing on that time

    and the sistem is lagy on at time this just on opinion