Best class combination for tanking

  • Hi, I'm waiting for the Steam release (and hoping for a new server) so in the meantime I was thinking about what class combo I would like to play.

    When I played RoM in the past, I was a Knight/Priest - and I had a good time tanking dungeons with that character.

    Now that there a more classes, new content etc. Which would be the best class combination for a good tank character?


    (Also, which wiki is best for current information? I've been looking at this one:

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  • (Also, which wiki is best for current information? I've been looking at this one:

    For the sake of transparency, I should point out that I am the admin of The RoM Wiki at gamepedia, so I may be a little biased. ymmv.

    A lot of the info we have is from the vanilla game, or Chapter I, but it has changed very little. I have done a lot to retrofit the pages that still use the older templates into the new formats, and expanded many reference pages for returning old-timers who just need a place to look-up all the resource nodes, for instance.

    And of course, the power and joy of wiki is, if you see something that is not quite right, you can fix it.

  • I really like Warden/Warrior, but the truth is that ppl want Knight/Warrior tanking because of his Authoritative Deterrence (level 50 elite skill).

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  • It's definitely not "the best", but I've always had fun tanking with a w/k. But if you want to be in high demand, definitely go k/w for the 3 seconds of glory.

  • instances are %100 depends on dps, healers are chosen for dps too so you cant see priests in instances, and only d/w (physical attack buff), d/wd (magical dmg buff) and d/r (critic resist debuff) are good, as for the tank k/w is one and only good tank only cause 50 elit as mentioned above

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  • Most class combos in the game can tank endgame content with good gear. K/W is not "needed" in any instance in the game, since most endgame content is cleared with ease at the moment (additionally k/w is pretty easy to alt, you lose 1 space for a buffer in this case but again, not needed with the current difficulty of endgame).

    Since you mentioned that you played K/P before, I would recommend K/W/P. You can get into runs fairly easily as a K/P because of the Holy Illumination buff (10% pdmg/mdmg for 30 sec), and the ability to resurrect players in combat with the lvl 70 elite (very useful for long fights or saving a healer from running back after wipe).

    Personally I tank on knight/mage in mage gear, and I like the versatility it offers. You can swap from being dps to tank in 1 click. Ch/R is even better for this purpose, and there are many different ways to play it (how high you level shield form). If you wanted to try champion (you can play ch/r as tank or dps in the same gear) then I would recommend ch/r/p. Ch/P has a damage buff similar to K/P, except it is 20% instead of 10%, so it is more in demand. Ch/P is a really good tank too.

    TL:DR pick the class you want to play - tanking is more about the player than the class in my opinion.

  • I would recommend you to at least keep the possibility to switch to Knight/Warrior because, if the damage is low, it might be needed to complete the dungeon.

    If your group is strong enough, you can play any of the recommended combinations above.

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  • you can only use 2 classes asst a time, but you get a 3rd clad for free at 20/20. After that, you can buy class expansion tickets when they're on sale.

  • But if you want to be in high demand, definitely go k/w for the 3 seconds of glory.

    Sounds like my love life. :)

  • Alright, thanks for the advice :)

    aktl, you mention K/W/P - can you have more than 2 classes? (Is that new? Or can I just not remember lol)

    Classes#Tertiary_Classes explains it somewhat.

  • When I played RoM in the past, I was a Knight/Priest - and I had a good time tanking dungeons with that character.

    Since you asked for the best class combo for tanking I would absulutely go for that one. There's no better "sturdy rock" than a k/p. You can regain 1/3 of your hp all 8 seconds (plus your nearest in party), you can give yourself and anyone in party +39% mag.def. (if no priest but druid in party) and you give yourself +25% aggro, anone else -25% aggro, yourself + anyone +25% mag. and phys. def!

    For the Imba-rush parties to insta-kill yes, they want k/w. For anything else I'd go for k/p. But stat sta/attack, otherwise leveling and even mirror worlds are a pin in your rear end. I'm going now for full chain att/crit equip with att/crit nonstats with mine xD

  • If you want ''real'' tank Knight/Warrior prefer. Hard to play and hard to learn tanking. Best Aggro class.

    But for questing Champion/Rogue have strong melee skills and Shield Form strongly useful. This class damage pure high.

    Warden/Warrior defence and resist the attacks. ''Charged Chop'' instantly strong skill.

    My prefer Champion/Warrior absorb (%) damages.And 70 elite x2 defence increase.

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  • NO!

    "Best Aggro class" - show me how it gets over the k/p tanl +25% aggro, anybody else -25% aggro.

    For questing it's equip. /w for faster kills, /w for "quest for 6 players" 'lol'

    a player with k/p knowing their stuff WILL NOT DIE, a k/w will get taken for ONE elite, that is it! Don't try to water it down.