What to do between 85 and 100?

  • I put so much effort into get my guy to 85 on the catch-up server, and now I want to be sure I get to 100 as well prepared as possible. I hear in global chat about statting/tiers, naga runs, pets. I've watched videos on all of them. But I want to be sure of the priority and what I should be doing now and what I should wait for lvl100 to do. If left to my own devices, I would simply continue the quest series and move to more and more difficult zones. I'm in a guild but don't want to monopolize anyone's time and can't be sure that one person's opinions are correct.

  • If you can get to lvl 100 without statting and tiering etc., wait with that till you are lvl 100.

    Just continue the quest series yes.

  • Find lvl 100 Craft ghear and put Bag stats one it and +12 when you reach lvl 100 you have ghear to some runs

    Rest are quest from quest line to lvl up all 3 clases to lvl 100