Patch - Festival of Fire and bug fixes

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    In the past, when the frost and snow fell and the moon disappeared from the sky, the Frostmoon Demon Beast Thysdyr would awaken from his sleep and cause destruction everywhere. At the time, the people had no way to stop him, so they could only flee. They would wait for Thysdyr to leave, then return to rebuild their homes. The villagers lived through this nightmare year after year, until one year at this time, a strangely-dressed traveller came to visit even though he knew the terrible beast would attack.

    That night, as Thysdyr's angry roar drew nearer and nearer, the traveller sat in the empty city, quietly waiting...

    The next day, the villagers returned to find their village untouched. Surprised, they asked the traveller what had happened. It turns out that Thysdyr was afraid of rune-catalyzed flame. This exciting news spread quickly to all the nearby villages. After that, every time the Frostmoon Beast awoke, he could only continue to hide in the darkness.

    Many years have passed, and Thysdyr hasn't been seen for a long time. But every year when the snowy season arrives, people build a giant pyre and dance around it, throwing in rune catalysts. They celebrate day and night and call the celebration the Festival of Fire.

    [Festival Overview]

    • Festival Activities conducted in Silverspring, Dust Devil Canyon and Thunderhoof Hills.
    • Festival NPCs will be located at: Varanas, Silverspring, Dust Devil Canyon, Dalanis City.
    • 11 Festival Events
    • (New) Adjustment: New temporal versions of Annofera mounts have been added to Fire Festival Blessing Box with a certain probability of receiving them.

    (New) Ignite the fire

    • Location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
    • NPC: Lujken Lajet
    • Event Target: Help Lujken Lajet ignite the fire while watching out for unexpected visitors by finishing 3 tasks: A Real Fire starter, Secret Admirer, Finding the Lost Child

    Party Pest Control

    • NPC: Ajis
    • Event type: find and defeat
    • Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
    • Event location: Varanas Gates
    • Event Target: Find mice and drive them away with the use of the Flame Altar

    Light the Pyre!

    • NPC: Lujken Lajet
    • Event type: Help NPC/Control Fire
    • Start location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
    • Event location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
    • Event Target: Control the fire with water and cataylised runes as the NPC wants it


    Drive Beast

    • NPC: Aishas Gracia
      Event type: Help NPC, defeat monster
    • Start location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event location: Dust Devil Canyon
    • Event Target: (Group Quest) Defeat the Ice or Fire monster by either assisting NPC or assisting your group.


    • NPC: Ethan Bryce
    • Event type: Cure Monsters
    • Start location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event location: Silverspring (Around Varanas Gates)
    • Event Target: Cure the sick monsters with Flame Powder.

    Iron Chef

    • NPC: Drake Gates
    • Event type: Collect Items & Cook
    • Start location: Varanas Gates
    • Event location: Silverspring - Oblivion Shrine
    • Event Target: Collect food in Silverspring and cook it at Varanas Central Plaza

    Flame Fortune

    • NPC: Giselle Fred
    • Event type: Help NPC/Collecting Points
    • Event location: Taborea
    • Event Target: Collect Runes in the Magic Circle and throw them at the Altar.
    • Event Sequence: Event commences daily at 12:30am, 4:30am, 8:30am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm, 8:30pm, registration begins 10 minutes before the event commences.
      Register, hop into one chariot and drive along the line of altars that need to get ignited.

    Ignite the Holy Fire Altar

    • NPC: Dorimy Laso
    • Event type: mini-game
    • Start location: Next to bridge in front of Varanas

    Rune Chessboard

    • Event type: mini-game
    • Start location: Next to bridge in front of Varanas
    • Event Target: Align one or more lines of crystals of the same color to obtain points

    [Bug fixes]

    • [Items] Fixed the issue that Phirius Shells pants and belts had incorrect icons.
    • [Items][NPC] Fixed the issue that Phirius Shells NPC sold incorrect gear item for healers.
    • [Zone] Fixed the issue with performance in New Pantheon.