Warlock/Mage & Mage/Warlock

  • I've been having fun with my other characters I have and got to be curious about this whole warlock class. I was reading in THIS PARTICULAR THREAD about how the WM & MW are buffer (or possibly debuffer) classes. It doesn't list them under dps classes. That got me to wondering, are they any good at dps and are they honestly any fun to play? I'm hoping they're not a class combo that requires a tremendous amount of ramp-up time to kill things on their own. They already have one thing going against them in the fact that I typically don't enjoy shorter races and dwarves in general when it comes to games.

    Thought, opinions, and advice is very welcome here!

  • I play some m/wl as dps, It isnt top tier or anything but it can contribute. on burn bosses i do between 15-30m and on sustained bosses 70-100m. More if a m/d is in party. I've played wl/m and it is just pretty bad because the way the support skills work and how its dps skills work don't mesh well. if you were in a party youd be expected to do the 3 support skills 36% dark/fire damage stack, warp charge and SS to build those 3 up and time to auth det, Your dark damage buffs would already be up if you hit them during cd by time you got all those off. Most i ever do on warlock/mage is like 7m burn bosses and 40 sustained bosses.

  • M/wrl is not that bad, but it doesn't have so much dmg as for example mage/warrior You can do some dmg, but it wouldn't be so much. It's mostly used by everyone cause of 70 elite skill which reduces def and mdef by 30% so it gives huge boost to the whole party.

    In long fights m/wrl can do some harm, but on short fights you will not be able to do much.

    Wrl/m can do better dmg than m/wrl. You have more skills to attack/cast and also you can buff party pretty well. If the party is good you can just cast those basic buff skills and focus on doing damage. And in long fights you really can do much, sometimes maybe as much as some pure damage dealers if you use your buffs correctly. Very useful combination.

    If the fight is short you won't do much apart from buffing your party.

  • If the fight is longer then 40 seconds, the wl/m does pretty decent/good damage!

    Of course the warrior/mage will be much better in those fights, but he will be in melee range.

    And of cource there always be better ranged dps classes like the wl/ch and scout/x

    But if a wl/m is max geared for dps he is also fragile... and if the wl/m dies, whole party will loose a lot of dps, in a good party more dps then the dps you can do as wl/m.

    Thus your first priority as wl/m is not to die. ;)