Druid/Warden question

  • After looking at the spells and elite skills of the druid/warden combo it got me to thinking. Is there any reason to level up the warden secondary past 70 at all? The warden part only gives you physical attacks & physical damage SELF buffs plus briar shield. With the enhanced briar shield the other person doesn't even get the physical def portion of briar shield. They only get the reflect damage portion. The briar life elite skill obtained at level 60 increases healing received and since it is in the druid class-specific section, you need to level up the druid part to raise that to the 50 cap it has. So that leads me back to my question, is there a reason to level the warden part up past 70 in the druid/warden combo if you don't plan on ever using the warden part for anything other than being your secondary for the druid healer?

  • Only thing if I remember correctly is when you level up briar shield it gives you more healing(cause of the elite skill).

    This is correct but that's an elite skill at level 60 that does this. That means that the upgrades to the skill (up to a max of 50) are used under the druid primary because that skill goes under the "druid class-specific" section not the warden section