[S/Wd] Scout/Warden Guide 2019

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  • This guide is based on old thread from 2016 but i'm trying to make new updated one here.
    feel free to comment if something is lacking or incorrect so ill update it.

    Equipment & Stats

    -Ranged weapon:
    Crossbow - (tiered to the highest tier), (gives the most damage and crit).


    1H-Sword - (Stat Stick), (gives the most p.att).

    Leather gear - (with either all crit or Hard mode set for the extra damage).

    Dex/P.att - x4
    Str/P.att - x2

    Statting can be down to the person by using dex/p.att and str/p.att in any order due to them giving both 1 point of p.att per 1 point of dex/str (best would be 4/2).


    -Long duration buffs

    [Grassland Mix] - (+10% HP)
    [Steamed Fish Steak]
    - (+15% Pattak)
    [Hero Potion]
    - (+20% all attributes)

    -Short duration ones that are ~30 seconds or less time:
    [Tranquillity powder] - (-25% aggro)

    [Strong Stimulant] - (+25% attack speed)
    [Extinction Potion] - (+650 crit hit rate)
    [Caviar Sandwich] - (+10% crit hit dmg) these can be crafted and gotten from your housekeeper.

    -These are very useful buffs too for soloing harder bosses and something you must have for a party running instances:
    [Magic Lute]
    - (+25% attack Speed)
    [Magic Tambourine] - (+15% phsical dmg)

    !There are tons of buff foods and things in this game that you need later for the high end content!


    -Main damage skills:
    [Charged Chop]
    [Hidden Peril]

    -AOE damage skills:
    [Gryphon Bash]
    [Reflected Shot]
    [Piercing Arrow]

    -Trash damage skills:
    [Charged Chop]

    Here is a list of skills I would recommend that you get to maximum level and I will try to prioritize them from most important to least important.

    -Scout General Skills:
    1.[Blood Arrow]
    4.[Speed Shooting]

    -Warden General Skills:

    1.[Charged Chop]
    2.[Savage Power]
    3.[Briar Shield]
    4.[Enhanced Accuracy]

    -Scout Specific Skills:

    5.[Ranged Weapon Mastery]
    6.[Natural Care]
    8.[Forest Guidance]
    9.[Eagle Eyes]
    10.[Target Area]
    12.[Hidden Peril]

    If you still have TP left over:
    13.[Gryphon Bash]
    14.[Piercing Arrow]
    [Reflected Shot]


    -The most impacting ones:

    [Hunter Stance] - (Grotto of Horrors, item set skill)

    [Going It Alone] - (Vale of Rites, item set skill)

    -Other scout ISS (Less important):

    [Spirit Beast's Leather] - (Bethomia, item set skill)

    [Focus Enhancement] - (Sardo Castle, item set skill)


    -“short buffs” or “burn buffs”

    1.[Caviar Sandwich] - (or the house maid one)


    4.[Strong Stimulant]

    5.[Savage Power]

    6.[Tranquillity powder]

    7.[Arcane potion]

    8.[extinction potion]

    9.[Blood arrow]

    10.[Hunter Stance]

    11.[Arrow of Essence]

    -Solo Rotation:
    2.[Autoshot] - (toggle it on during Snipe Cast)
    3.[Charged Chop]
    4.[Shot] - (spam shot)
    "boss should be dead"

    -Party Rotation:
    1.[Vamp arrow] - (if you have scout/rogues in the party)

    2.[Snipe] - (on knight/warrior AD)

    3.[Autoshot] - (toggle it on during Snipe Cast)
    4.[charged chop] - (on knight/warrior AD)

    5.[Reflected shot] - (if you have time on AD)

    6.[shot] - (spam shot)

    “boss should be dead”

    Most of the other skills compared to Shot are really weak for scout besides Snipe and Charged Chop.
    Hidden Peril is nice for the chance of a 1 second cast Snipe but my personal preference is to cast snipe at the start of my rotation while solo.
    When in a raid for a high end instance my rotation slightly varies depending on what support is in party.

  • for weapon you will want to use a 1h sword as it gives the most p.att

    Aged Realgar Wine(+30% Attack Power M.atk & P.atk)

    Hot Stew(+30% P.atk)

    aren't sold and super rare to find

    buffs are missing a ton of them (class buffs/sw titles/mirror)

    skill rotation is wrong for bosses (semi ok for trash)

    it's ok for leveling tho but would need a massive shuffle

  • Weapons

    They should focus on getting a xbow since it gives the most damage and crit

    1h sword for max p.att gain


    Full leather gear with either all crit or get the hard mode sets for the extra damage

    Statting can be down to the person by using dex/p.att and str/p.atts in any order due to them giving both 1 point of p.att per 1 point of dex/str (best would be 4/2 (I think not looked at new values of stats))


    guild p.att buff

    You can use the item shop foods or you can use the “free” token coin ones they give less % but perfect if you are free to play

    hero pot

    steamed fish steak

    having a level 50 pet with the attack skill maxed (gives 10% more)

    "other buffs"

    you can get a 3% attack buff from hall of earth and chaos vortex when they are not open
    warlock 6%
    druid/warrior buff OR priest attack buff

    As for item set skills I have forgot names of them but there are better versions from higher level instances

    “short buffs” or “burn buffs”

    Order Should roughly be

    Caviar Sandwich (or the house maid one)

    Target Area


    Strong Stimulant

    savage power

    Tranquillity powder

    Arcane potion

    extinction potion

    Blood arrow


    Arrow of Essence

    Hunter stance (grotto of horrors scout set skill (better version from hos one))

    Skill rotaion

    Vamp arrow (if you have scout/rogues in the party)


    Snipe (on knight/warrior AD)

    charged chop(on knight/warrior AD)

    Reflected shot (if you have time on AD)


    “boss should be dead”

    i am sure that if ive forgot anything others will comment too ^^

  • Did nobody mention the runes, oder did i just not see that? i'm especially interested in weapon runes.

    of course, as many Reconciliation as possible is obvious. but i remember a discussion about Raid vs. Curse, and which is more effective. unluckily, i can't remember the end of the discussion.

    Eigentlich bin ich ein Gnom !

    Unityforce auf Kerub

    Wichtl @ Kadmos (††† R.I.P. Zikiel 2021-08 †††)

    Gagh @ Kerub

  • Da mein Englisch schlecht ist, schreibe ich das mal in deutsch und kopier die google-übersetzung drunter :)

    In den Dolchen bringen dir Schlachtzug-Runen nix und in die Fernkampfwaffe kannst du keine einbauen. Die Fluch-Runen machen halt dann Sinn, wenn du den Gezielten schneller casten willst. Tanks zählen für gewöhnlich von 3 runter und wenn du dann nur 1,5s, statt 3s brauchst, gibt dir das halt mehr Zeit. Das ist aber auch schon alles.

    Since my English is bad, I'll write it in German and copy the google translation underneath :)

    Raid runes do not bring you anything in the daggers and you cannot incorporate them into the ranged weapon. Curse runes make sense if you want to cast the target faster. Tanks usually count down from 3 and if you only need 1.5s instead of 3s, that gives you more time. But that's about all.