Critical error or CRASH

  • Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other:warden/scout

    Description:Frontline camp or Varanas




    I have always the same problem. Whan I use a Teleport to travel Varanas or Xaveria anywhere my game got a crash and the game is frozen.

    I tried to change the video settings, try to uninstall the addons but nothings happened.

    I played 5 years long that game and the reason what I uninstall was the CRASHED GAME.

    till 11 years ago the supporters the developers didnt do anything.

    Pls help me.


  • HI Korin!


    1st. I played on the new Catch Up server.

    When I use the teleport anywhere (just like Varanas, Heffner Camp, Frontline Camp) Iport to the target area but when I try to move after (after 5-10 sec) my game crashed.

    I used addons (10-12)

    I tried to erased them.

    Yesterday I switched from full screen mode to window mode and the game crashed less time.

    My system is

    Win 10 pro 64bit

    I3 7100 proc

    8Gb DDr 4

    240 Gb main ssd

  • the problem can be in video settings, make like this and try to play

    m/wd flaming oppos;)

  • Not sure if this is your case, but teleporting around different zones causes RoM to crash. On some video settings (lower) and on some computers (older, for some surprising reason) it happens less often.

  • Hello,

    Try with a 2GB of RAM only PC ...

    Or if someone can explain how to limit the ammount of RAM used by the Client.exe process @ 1.5GB on Win10

    I'd like to test it !

    Still keeping my Ca$h until there's a Decent Dia Price . . . 8o

  • what works for me is use less Addons, they will make your game crash more often (I have like 2 Addons total).
    Graphic Setting i use is everything Low except character detail and texture max, view distance 15%. disable bloom and player character effects.