Crossing the Mountain Path: again a progress quests requiring an instance?

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  • Well done Gameforge it's the final nail in the coffin, new content only for elitists that spend 1000's euros on buying diamonds, its a very sad day for this game :(

  • Because there are almost no GMs anymore, who have a chance of remembering the disaster of "Joining the Fight" (Morrok's Belathis quest), right?

    I hope this time you have already NPCs to give out the items to finish "Crossing the Mountain Path", they just need activating in two or three months...

    Quests like this sound like fun for first month when everyone is doing it. And throughout the second month when you can find a random pt at least sometimes during a weekend. And then those who will be late for this first push (among others: any new player if such a thing still exists, or anyone starting a new character) once no one is interested end up whining for a pt to push through the instance. And get blocked, even for months. It's really black and white, no one was happy: just check the forum posts about Belathis! (Oh, wait, right, for this you would need to magically undelete the old forum...)

    Anyway, yes, I hope this time you do have already NPCs to give out the items to finish "Crossing the Mountain Path", and it's just a question of when they will be activated...

    ------------- NAWIA - najlepszy polski serwer! ;) -------------

  • The idea looks great on the paper sure but reality it is the worst one yet seen

    we been doing IBP whole evening to farm items and the drop is random so not even guaranteed for all

    worst run just 1 dropped

    so this will takes months to get all in guild able to run the new ini

    most never saw new zone today cause stuck in a ancient ini farming this crap and too tired to even go there after

    and yes some never got it :thumbdown::cursing:


  • This system is great, actually makes players run instances instead of standing afk at auction house and requires team play. A bit grindy but nice that we have those patk buffs in the required instances for now so lower guilds can get a boost.

  • But the drop rate really needs to be adjusted.

    The Idea of running instances for quest items can be even not that shitty as it might look at start. But running for a faint hope of getting this item is really frustrating.

    What's worse it makes unnecessary obstacles for those who want to get close to endgame runs or new players who would probably decide to quit the game now unless it becomes officially pay-2-win club.

  • What could be better than a system that rewards the elite? Whilst letting the riff-raff know that they are not wanted.

    Whatever, just use your Codex transport book. What's really interesting is that the mobs do not drop any gear, white, green, or blue.

  • What exactly is the Leyla Peak quest for?

    You have to drop items from 3rd boss on IBP, 4th boss on 100 lvl instance and 4th boss on 100,5 instance. There is about 20-25% chance that this item will drop and probably nothing boosts this rate.
    And this quest will let you "lvl up" your character with new Peak system up to(for now) 105 lvl. Only with lvled up character you will be able to hit bosses on new instance hm as they have way too high lvl for now.

    Oh... Wait! Did I mentioned that you need 95 bil exp for 105 lvl in total? :whistling:

  • Also a key difference between this quest and the one before for the dungeon (was it Belathis?) is that this is not required for main quest line progression, this is just for the HM version of the latest dungeon. I don't see why that's a problem.

    The new gear from HM is like 3% better than the Sun Temple sets, if people can do sun temple they can get the items required for this quest. If they can't then i'd argue why do they need gear even better than that from sun temple, people shouldn't be able to get the best gear in game just by logging on and doing dailies. Anyway in a little while people will probably sell it anyway so people can then buy it just to go afk at the auction house.

    Also if people are worried about not being able to complete it because they think people will stop farming it once they have items, you are in the wrong guild. This is why it's good, it forces people to play as a team and not just be selfish (if they are, then who is gonna play in new ini if one of their teammates quits?).

  • I tell you our experience yesterday taking out items to complete the mission that unlocks the summit level system. Between 9:15 p.m. and 11:42 p.m. we gave 8 passes to Sepulcher (to Anubis Ghost). In those past 8 the lot of the mission item was totally random. In a couple of passes he gave the item to 3 people of the party, in others to 2, in one to 1 and in the last to no one. I understand that 8 passes is an already significant sample to see that it goes from 3 to 0 the amount of items you can give. It is not normal for you to be forced to search for items for weeks (luck is sometimes very treacherous) in instances that you already have more than overcome. Then there are teammates who play seasons but have their characters ready for endgame content ... when they return and we are all already at peak levels it will force us to pass so that luck dictates if the stone falls to the returning players ... neither It is reasonable.

    The system may like more or less. We are bored of having to go back to 3 instances that we have already shaken each day for 1 year each of the last two to be able to raise levels and be able to go to the last. It is not very reasonable, for us it is surpassed content and it is boring.

    If you look at it from the perspective of a small guild or people who play alone or in small groups, what they achieve with this is to directly marginalize all those players. If the system guaranteed the mission stone for the whole party, we could even consider helping people from other unions to take out the stones but in this random way we will not do it because it would be months to get bored repeating the same instances that we already have very views.

    If we look to the future you see similarities with the chain mission within Belathis ... but a late fix is a bad fix. Let's say that after a month or two they put the climb to the top level open to all ... and the time lost by us in going around to take out the blissful stone? Who makes up for that?

    The solutions are now and if the summit level is going to be so it will be forever and if you are going to vary it now and giving fast and extensive information that pity the notes of the patch you put. It is sad that we who are simple players explain better when we organize an event of hiding or sale in pieces the conditions and other characteristics that those responsible for the game and this I do not say but other players have told us. You should reflect because it is not so difficult to communicate better with the community, you just have to put laziness aside and type.

    It would be good if some GM or the CM informed if the drop of the mission item is going to be changed, the exp to raise the summit levels ... many unknowns and few people that face. I do not need a GM to enter Ibergard to be interesting without providing any information when asked by players but to people who solve problems and situations that affect the playability of an important part of the population of a server.

    By the way, it is very good that you put events but put Summits, Christmas event, Dasein labyrinth, server of lightning fast and pts and drop event all together when the rest of the year there are months in which there is no event (except the always repeated) is an exaggeration. Share the content so that people have time to play these events if you do not put them at all because you do not work or study or it is impossible to have time for everything and even if you had it, I do not think it is too healthy to be so connected for hours Or any game.

    Greetings and I remain (like the rest of the players) waiting for solutions.

  • Im not playing anymore for few months now. Yesterday I logged in, checked that i had to run last 3 inis in HM to get something new, and log out. I haven't even bother in go to see the new zone. That was my experience.

    Crycry R/M/Wd/W/S/D

    Grümpy Wl/Ch/M/P/R/W

    Just an old and humble legend :)

  • I do not think it is too healthy to be so connected for hours Or any game.

    this is so true and why not spread things out also true

    well as far as i seen this new peak level is way to grindy, since insane amount of exp needed to level it up. Not to mention will take months before you can even start it, due to random droprate on the items required for the prequest.

    The items should drop 100% once you done the boss required

    why ruin a game bit by bit so more players leave? every patch seems to do that so far, not to mention new features like the wonderful Itemshop or the great launcher


  • well the 1/100 rate is the worst prequest is bad but its doable for most, i dont looking forward to get 13kkk exp to get 1 level on peak. and they have no exp event bcs it would make it to easy to level it, ye sure even 10/100 rate is a pain.

  • well the 1/100 rate is the worst prequest is bad but its doable for most, i dont looking forward to get 13kkk exp to get 1 level on peak. and they have no exp event bcs it would make it to easy to level it, ye sure even 10/100 rate is a pain.

    if you cant do NEW HM under lvl 5 peak, boss drop items will be "Easyest part" coz 65 Bil EX is a lot of farm if i understand all corectly ...?

    Probably first HM loot after 1,5 -2 months who know XD

    Coz this time is not "Im ready" .... you need ~ 8 ppl ready minimum

  • I kind of like the peak level system requirement (the quest part atleast), sure its a bit of a grind, but isn't that what we wanted? ST and TOS were so dead easy that many ppl I knew quit as it was so simple to complete.

    The problem is that (with many other parts of the game!) the quest drop seems RNG-y. I would probably feel better it the bosses would drop a flat 2 freely-distributable quest items. This wouldn't change the amount of runs needed significantly, but this way ppl know what to expect, and decrease "player disappointment" imo.

    Peak levels are fine to be a bit grindy, but hopefully not too much. Or perhaps the difference between lv 1 and 5 isn't too significant. I'm curious of how much experience is needed to level it up. Grinding xp isn't the same as grinding instances. It wouldn't be bad for ppl that put it the time to grind xp to have a little bit of an advantage over other players that just log in for instances In the evening, but it shouldn't be a requirement for the latest instance for all to grind 50 hours of xp. Now I've heard that HM Pantheon gives a good chunk of tp, so perhaps you can just hop in Pantheon when all have unlocked peak level and passively gain peaklevels while running the instance. On the other hand, the first clear is always gonna be the hardest, after which it gets much easier every clear you do. So if peak level influences the difficulty that strongly, you are either gonna need max peak level across the board to clear, or the instances will become just as easy as TOS once you have maxed.

    Personally I, and with me many people I know, really wanted a hard instance, and this might just be an indication that a hard instance is just what we got.

    Latest instance shouldn't be for midgamers and lazy ppl. You just come back a month from now and ppl will tell you what the best way is to get the required level and what you need to clear the instance. For the rest pretty much what Aktl said.

  • with this rate 1-2 month is for one lvl so you will hit lvl 2 in 1-2 month and you need full team to have peak level so even if someone is super crazy farming like hell wont change anything he cant do the ini alone. my other question is where you find 13kkk exp ? questing will have how much ? 140kk ?