Solo guild creation

  • Yes, it's possible.

    Create one game account within your gameforge account. Then you should be able to start two or more clients simultaneously and invite enough characters in the guild.

    If you PC cannon handle this you can ask someone to help. He would join your guild and you will be logging chars one by one to be invited by that player.

  • Not need 5 online peoples.

    You just need 2 client at the same time.

    Main account (guild leader) online all time

    Other client go Character Selection and new characters total 4 man.

    Last thing 100.000 gold.

    And now you can Dismiss all of 1 level characters.

    I do this. The guild name Vidar on Vidar server but i delete guild leader.

    Now Vidar guild deleted by game.

    But why you need guild?

    Oh sorry, maybe too much people invite you...

    Hahri Silvering dead near the Charly Morph.

  • Thanks for the info!

    Oh, I just want to test how guilds work :-)

    I also don't like the current design of the game that you HAVE to be in the guild in order to participate in instances and/or siege wars to obtain honor points. That's a "discrimination" for solo players like me.

  • I'm not trying to come across as hostile or anything here, but I do not agree that you HAVE to be in a guild whatsoever.

    People rather run instances with friends and guildies for sure, but as long as you are skilled, geared and friendly enough there is no necessity to be part of any guild to run instances.

    The majority of honor points come from the battleground dailies which are earned solo (to do this you do need to be part of a guild however). Also honor points aren't a vital currency of the game (perhaps if you want PVP gear, but why would you want PVP gear if you are a solo player).

    While I respect the fact that some people want to play solo i'm sure you are aware of the fact that you are willingly limiting yourself this way. You might progress slower, but I don't feel that this is in any way "discrimination".

    As you probably know being part of a guild has lots of useful perks from level 1 all the way to the endgame level. I would strongly advice you to join a guild, it doesn't really matter at which level of the game you play. With all different sorts of guilds out there i'm positive there is one that fits your needs.

    Building your own castle also has its perks (you don't have to share your guildvault with anyone for example), but gets very expensive very fast. Be prepared to spend a boatload of money if you want to have bufftowers and guildbuildings equal to established guilds.

    PS. useful tip: Arcanium Arena is a good source of guild materials if you want to upgrade your guild/castle.

  • Warrior, thank you for your reply. I see your point.

    Actually what I would like to have is a "free" guild for testing purposes, so everyone can join and leave freely, with no obligations. At this moment, I don't know any guild that allows that, unless you can recommend one :-)

    I would like to go instances and siege wars but without being a permanent member of the certain group. At least not until I decide I want to not because I have to.

  • just shout that you are looking for a guild in one of the highly used channels in your server and there might be some ppl that can help you out with that. Usually they whisper you first to discuss the internal guildrules, then you can decide if that's what you are looking for or not. There should be a couple of laidback early to midgame guilds in every server as far as I know. Most of these don't pressure their members, but rather like to provide them with midgame runs or crafted gear or some shet. Don't know if that's still the case, but should be.

  • DrMagnus, make 2 or 3 accounts. Have a few toons join some guilds for when you want to do runs or siege. Put a bunch of alts in your guild or guilds and mess around with building the castle just for fun. Sure we can't build our castles up to the level that "Real guilds" can but you can slowly make them better and more useful to your alts than no guild at all. It will surprise you how well you can build up 3 guild castles over the course of 9 years :) And... it sure is cool to be the boss of a guild and it is so quiet and peaceful because all the toons are you :)

    It is true that it is expensive to build up the castle so take all those alt toons and learn to plant with all of them. Put 10 pots or 9 pots and your chest in their basic shacks and plant like crazy. Sell mats, donate them to guild, or use them to level crafting skills. Use you free vaults to store stuff. Get your alts to 20/20 and take as many of them out to events with rewards of some kind and you will have some cash to work with.

    Just have fun with it until you figure out what you want to. Leave yourself options.