Winter Events

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    The Advent season is upon us and the first snow is falling over Taborea. People across the land are preparing and getting into the festive spirit…

    But new adventures lurk around every corner in this land of magic. This year is no different, as wild monsters walk abroad once more, and we plan a host of exciting events.

    So get your weapons polished up ready and come by regularly to find full details on all our winter events.

    Fun in the Snow

    The snow has fallen through the night, covering Taborea in a soft blanket that sparkles in the rays of the rising sun. Children waking to this piping cold rush out into the deep, cold fleece with peals of laughter to join the great snowball fight. But their good-natured missiles occasionally go astray, hitting monsters who lash out furiously and prime themselves to attack.

    Can you protect the children? Earn yourself a boost event in reward!

    Between 16.12.2019 at 00:00 server local time and 24.12.2019 at 23:59 server local time you will gain +250% talent points from mobs, and a +100% boost in drop rates.

    Between 25.12.2019 at 00:00 server local time and 01.01.2020 at 23:59 server local time you will gain +500% talent points from mobs, and a +200% boost in drop rates.

    Please note that between the two phases of the boost event, there will be a few minutes when no boost is active.

    Daily Presents from Santa Claus

    Do you still remember the days when you wrote letters to Santa? In Taborea, it’s the other way around – over the Christmas season, Santa and his helpers will send you letters containing little gifts!

    Don’t miss out on any of these cool deliveries. There’s a surprise in store for you every day between 16.12.2019 and 01.01.2020, and you can look forward to various useful items to help you on your adventures. If you have multiple characters on your account, the presents will land in the mailbox of the first character you log in with. Even if you miss a day during this period, it won’t have any effect on the remaining presents.

    Mysterious Auras

    Take part in the Mysterious Auras Event to get yourself in the rhythm ready for the challenging encounters. Fight in the following instances between 12.12.2019 (after the maintenance) and 09.01.2020 (until the maintenance):

    • Vale of Rites (normal and hard mode)
    • Ice Blade Plateau (normal and hard mode)
    • Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep (normal and hard mode)
    • Tomb of Souls (normal and hard mode)

    Have fun with the events!

    The RoM Team.

  • Dasein’s Labyrinth is back!


    Between 18.12.2019 and 09.01.2020, all players from level 75 can take on the challenges of Dasein’s Labyrinth!

    Who and How?

    The portal can be found near the bridge in Varanas. The entry fee can be paid in gold or items but note that each time you enter on the same day, the fee will increase. The price is reset again every night around 2 AM.

    After paying, you’ll be transported to the starting area where you can choose either to take on the labyrinth or enter the boss zone.

    The Labyrinth

    Inside the labyrinth, you have 3 minutes in which to find as many treasure chests as you can. The chests come in two different ‘flavors’: purple chests contain more valuable items than the red chests, but the former can only be opened using keys you find in the red chests. You’ll also come across traps which either slow you down or speed you up.

    Dasein Boss Battle

    You’ll need every ounce of your strength and cunning against Dasein. Only a fool would dare face her alone – you wouldn’t stand a chance!


    Do not miss the chance to get many awesome rewards among which are Proof of Myths, Flying Rune Disk mount, Elven Master and First-Rate Tempered Jewels!

    Have fun with the events!

    The RoM Team.