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  • Anakrasra Anakrasra Home

    One of the oldest guild in rom, we do PvE and PvP, and we try our best in both of them.

    We are well fond of old tactical inies, so sometimes we can use brain too instead of burn everything :P

    Guild leader: Unniversalwhite and many other colors.

    Contacts: Unniversalwhite for any bad issue or complains, Harissa, Dwarfi, Utuiiutu, Hamlet, Mniq, Terrag, Predith, Pimpernel and many others

    Requirements: We are an inclusive guild, we dont have lv restriction, only the attitude matters: towards the guild, the players and the server.

    Language: english

    Wiped at 0% Will's Curse - Medusa - Andriol - Vrantal - Charionys - Naos - Yawaka - Gugolar

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