Macros guide

  • Is anyone aware about how to use macros in the game?

    I am sure this question was asked before, so maybe there is a beginner's guide somewhere on the forum. I am looking for a simple example on how to auto attack the nearest enemy and/or how to use a certain ability of the character.

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  • Macros, you can use on chatbox.

    But if you make macro and push actionbar be very fast.

    Inspect Macro (for example Shift + Tab + ActionBar1 this macro, like me inspect peoples fast)

    /run InspectUnit(''target'')

    Summon Pet No 1, If summoned Return (very useful)

    /run if(IsPetSummoned(1) == false) then SummonPet(1) else ReturnPet(1) end

    Mage Thunderstorm Macro (automatically push your mouse position)

    /script CastSpellByName(''Thunderstorm'')
    /wait 0.01

    /script CastSpellByName(''Thunderstorm'')

    /script SpellTargetUnit()

    Equipment Swap (use 1 sec before death and your equipment dont broke)

    /run SwapEquipmenItem (-1)

    Otherway you can open or close your scrutinizer addon

    /scrut toggle

    Download RaidSave addon and Make Macro for fast memento farming in Dalanis


  • First and foremost thing you should know:


    There are no explicit rules you can follow and avoid trouble (strictly speaking there are things allowed by GM but people got banned even when fully complying so ...). Well, not using macro doesn't mean you are safe either so just treat this as lottery with a chance to both win and lose.

    There's another useful link. And there's at least one command not included, namely /invite.

    The most interesting stuff comes after you get a grasp on how to use some lua language features and can call functions from this list

    Let's go though your question. You can only attack something you have in your target (we are not talking about aoe skills). So you need to select it first.

    /run TargetNearestEnemy()

    will select next unit same way Tab key does.

    Attacking is the first skill on first tab so

    /run UseSkill(1,1)

    will start auto-attack. Many people have it assigned to the very first actionbar slot so this will work too

    /run UseAction(1)

    If you want to use a particular skill you can change numbers in the above examples or invoke it directly

    /cast Low Blow

  • How come you can get banned for macro? There is macro guide with macro colection started and puted in by Novar and he is GM. Im sure all macro who are there is 100% legal. Or why else he puted them there. Also all other macros or post by macros which are not deleted, blocked or banned must be 100% legal.

  • Say this to players who were soloing world bosses with alts. On the other hand, it's just a 99% certainty assumption, not the official explanation. And I don't want to go further and make this topic closed as well.

  • So what is bot then? Automatic things who do it on loop or without human interaction?

    I think there is almoust no bots left atleast real bots.

    If 30s macro which presed by human each time is botting then this is wrong. Cause its not standalone automatic thing that works for hours.

    As always there is no clear rules which is sad.

    I would love to see regular updates on which addon is illegal by gm view. Or any other thing that they recently came up which they think is wrong. Be it alt dailys, specifik sw skill or anything else.

    Like regular anoucmets. I think all would thank alot.

  • Unfortunately this did not work for me. Let me explain,

    When I am in the fight with 2 mobs and kill one of them, the other one is attacking me however when I run the macro, that second monster is NOT selected and keeps attacking me :-(

    I don't mind selecting that monster myself but I have 2 problems:

    1. The loot sometimes does not let me select the second monster with the mouse

    2. I am in a SHIELD mode (for Champion) and it's simply difficult to hover the mouse over the monster.

    Is there a macro that selects or attacks a monster who is attacking me?

    P.S. Also another issue with TargetNearestEnemy() is that it seems that it works as TargetNextEnemy() not Nearest

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  • Ah, I see. Macros won't help much with something you cannot do using game interface.

    TargetNearestEnemy() indeed works a pressing Tab key so yes, it's next mob. You can try rotating camera and this might reset tabbing.

    You can try clearing your target with TargetUnit("") and then some attacking mob should get into your target.

    TargetUnit("mouseover") is another interesting option but it's hardly useful in your case. You can go further and try making some addon which targets mobs when you place cursor over them and don't have alive target.

    Maybe sem-auto adding mobs to focus like FocusUnit(6, "mouseover") and then targeting next alive. This part requires some deeper learning stuff we linked before.

    Few things you can do with your size. There are free transform options even when you are in shield form. Housekeeper frog pot, rewards from goblin mines, titles from goblin mines, pots from npc in Abandoned Fortress(Ravenfell).

    Healthbars can also facilitate targeting (F8 by default).

    Others please add more if i forgot something.