Non global cooldown skills

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  • Hey,

    I'm searching for a list with skills that are not on GCD.

    While i could test a lot of skills my self, i also was wondering it for the item set skills.

    I hope someone could give me a hand? :thumbup:

  • I don't think there is a list of skills that don't apply to GCD.

    That being said it I think this is how you test it:

    -> You place all your skills on your action bar and use one of them. On most of them there will be a clockwise motion going on. This means these skills have a GCD. The GCD doesn't apply to skills that don't show this motion (I think that's how it works atleast). Hope this helps a little bit.

  • Charged chop and power of the wood spirit has no gcd, but those two skills share their own gcd. You can use them simultaneously with every other skills if you do it correctly.

    Also casted skills has no gcd.

  • You can assume that most skills will trigger gcd, cast skills are the biggest exception to the rule, as well as warden charged chop and power of the wood spirit. There were a few other niche ones that didn't trigger it but I can't remember them off the top of my head. I'll try take a look later this evening to compile a list of them assuming SaitoHajime doesnt beat me to the task :P

    Also worth noting that all buffs and foods will also trigger gcd.

  • Priest's Holy Aura has gcd animation on the skill bar but it feels like you don't need to wait 1 second and can use next skill instantly. I haven't thoroughly investigated this, it's just the impression.