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  • Hello RoM community! Well I am a old time gamer that has played just about everything and I remember this from long ago but was occupied with other things at the time. Looking to really sink my teeth into a MMORPG that will be new to me. I am downloading now and wondering what is the best server for US also peoples on opinions on what class to dual with a mage also a paladin as I make my decision on which to play.

    Thanks in advance


  • Rath, welcome to Runes of Magic.

    You might find these two threads helpful:

    PvE Instance Class Tier List

    What are the most effective classes for a new player?

    Aeterna (US) is the server that has player accounts that have been active for years (and new players too). Phoenix (US) is a relatively new server so it won't have characters that have been around for years (it likely has players that have been playing for longer than the server has been active. Unfortunately I have never been on Phoenix so I cannot give an accurate comparison of the two.