Pumpkin Festival Earth Coin Rewards

  • Thank you for the nice event. I hate to be "that guy" but I think we were all hoping for a POM reward for the Earth Coins. Could you consider changing one of the event hosts to give a couple POMs instead of the current reward? That would make people very happy, most players can get those without buying them in AH.

  • In my opinion a proof event is not required as the latest instance is very easy compared to those that have come before it. Also I imagine a new instance will be released soon (10 months since last one) so if there is a proof event now literally everyone will just be able to pull a ton of reds from the latest instance without stepping foot inside it, I don't see the point of this.

  • There is already tons of proofs on servers, this is clear by the fact that proof price rarely changes even when they didn't run an event for a year. There's no real reason to spend them when the new instance is so easily farmed. I suggest putting an event for bound proofs 2months after new instance is released to help players, not earlier.

  • Doesn't the proof event happen after the Exp/Tp/Drop event finishes? Anyway, no point stacking more on top of what we have at the moment. Tpp much to keep up with as it is.

  • Thank you very much for your feedback.

    Our Halloween events are not done yet, it might be that our upcoming Halloween related event is planned to include POM too ;)

  • Many players, including myself, return to the game after a long break and don't have hundreds of millions to spend on proofs. So, a POM event, bound or unbound, i don't rly care because i never sold proofs, it would be helpful. I dont know if the servers have tons of proofs or not, but judging by the amount of orange stats and the prices, i would say there are not enough.

  • Orange stats are high because there is not many people spending proofs, the large majority of them are from instances, which are limited by player playtime per day on how many are generated into the game. Should there be a sudden need for stats to be pulled, it would be possible for many people to pull them straight away.

    This is why event shoild be bound, whilst it wouldn't change the lack of need to pull them, if players wanted to actually profit they would be forced to pull stats as currently selling proofs is better money then pulling.

  • The people with 1000's of proofs, don't really need the money, and don't really need the stats. So, they sit on the proofs waiting for the next cap raise and new stats, then they will pull.