Frightfully Good Fun in Taborea

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    Halloween is just around the corner, bringing with it some spectacularly spooky days in Taborea!

    At this time of year, the barriers between the worlds of the living and the dead become blurred, allowing creatures to pass betwixt the two. Be prepared to meet ghosts, witches and crazed pumpkins, not to mention the undead, risen from their graves...

    Pick up some frighteningly good prizes in our series of creepy events.

    Tricks for Treats


    Trick OR treat? Why not have both! Trick those wild pumpkins, monsters and demons and you'll pick up some sweet treats:

    • Between October 25th at 00:00 server local time and October 30th at 23:59 server local time you will gain +100% Experience from quests and mobs, +250% talent points from mobs, and a +100% boost in drop rates.
    • Between October 31st at 00:00 server local time and November 3rd at 23:59 server local time you will gain + 200% Experience from quests and mobs, +500% talent points from mobs, and a +200% boost in drop rates.

    Please note that between the two phases of the boost event, there will be a few minutes when no boost is active.

    Message from the Beyond


    Ghosts and demons will be trying to use this witching season to escape from the realm of the dead. In their attempts to contact you on this side of the void, you'll find some enticing items winging their way into your mailboxes over the coming days.

    We have a surprise in store for you every day between October 25th and November 3rd, and you can look forward to various useful items to help you on your adventures.

    If you have multiple characters on your account, the presents will land in the mailbox of the first character you log in with. Even if you miss a day during this period, it won't have any effect on the remaining presents.

    Monster Hunt


    The boundaries between the realm of the dead and the world of the living start to blur during the infamous Pumpkin Festival! Creepy figures sharpen their claws and descend upon Taborea to haunt the inhabitants and spread fear and chaos.

    The spirits from the other side have cast spells on the creatures in certain regions. They’ve even possessed the bodies of various famous residents of Varanas City and are using them as envoys of the land of the dead. Do you have the courage necessary to take on these phantoms?

    What do I need to do?

    During the event between October 24th (08:00 AM CEST) until November 7th (08:00 AM CET), it’ll be your task to round up your friends and allies or head out on the adventure alone. Visit these dangerous locations, defeat the monsters and exchange the coins you gather in loot for special prizes.

    All monsters in the zones listed below will be carrying the special Coin of Earth (7 Days). Defeat them, collect the coins and visit the Central Plaza in Varanas City (Channel 1) – Owenstein, Hilary, Frank and Eve will be waiting for you there to exchange them for valuable rewards. What are you waiting for?

    List of zones during the event:

    • Weeping Coast
    • Savage Lands
    • Enoch
    • Korris
    • Vortis

    The RoM Team