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  • Tell us your Story


    We want to get to know your Runes of Magic stories. Tell us how you found your way to Taborea and what has accompanied you over the years.

    Taborea opened its doors in 2009 and amongst us are some "old hands" loyal to Taborea. Likewise, there always have been people - elves, dwarfs and humans - who we got to meet and left a memory worth telling. Who has left the most intense memories to you in your Taborean time? - Positive ones as well as negative ones make your character.

    We would like to share your stories with you all over Taborea to get unique insights into your Taborean life. Whether as video, comics wrapped in screenshots, panoramic screens with some small clippings, stories or whatever else comes to your mind.

    All successful submissions will recieve:

    5*Magical Sugar Watermelon

    10*Convenient Mailbox

    50*Badge of the Trial

    5*Malatina Event Repeat Ticket

    10*Phirius Shell Package (Large)

    15*Universal Potion

    30* Phirius Special Water - Type E

    1*Card - Spider Priestess Mandara

    Send your stories to from the email account connected to your game account using the following template:


    Server Name:

    Steam ID (Steam only players):


    • Only one entry per person is allowed and only the first post received will qualify to be eligible to get the prizes.

    • The Prizes will only be delivered to Vidar, Idun, Aeterna and Phoenix.

    • The Prizes will only be delivered to people that correctly participated.

    • Entries have to be sent from the email address attached to the game account with the character that has created the submission.

    • Entries sent after October 26th 2019 23:59 CEST (11:59 PM)* will be ignored.

    • The Runes of Magic team reserves the right to make changes in these terms, prizes or any other detail of this contest, at any given time, if it was required to do so, due to any unforeseen circumstance that forced us to do so.

    *What's this in your time? (Link)