Housekeeper and stables buffs disappear in SW

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  • Problem description: Sometimes i loose housekeeper and stables buffs during SW.

    Possible reason: overbuff. However this is very unlikely. All the buffs I can possible simultaneously apply to myself and those teammates can give me would never exceed 40.

    Opponents don't have p/r and it's not like these buffs should be ever removed by any enemy.

  • If so this is ridiculous. House buffs are very limited. Furthermore, retaking them during sw means loosing scrolls which aren't free either. I hope GF cares enough about the game to fix this or at least increase buff limit

  • this limit should be raised to 80 at least

    players loose buffs every day due to it and in some cases you can't get new ones either

  • Novar, your words look unambiguous but still.

    Are you actually saying that loosing buffs by something a player doesn't control is not a bug?

  • Runewaker clearly never meant to have enough buffs in the game stackable that this would become an issue. However now with the current game meta and people trying to always be better, as well as debuffs counting towards the limit I would say this is a bug, not a suggestion. Buffs that aren't intended to be removed are pushed off, transformation pots, maids etc and it's a joke that things you pay money for, or limited to a few times a day to receive can be removed. Players should be able to buff whatever they want without fear of losing it. A friend of mine uses 3 rock guardian pots in some wars purely because of this limit.

  • This has been a problem for years upon years now. But I agree, definitely at a minimum, I don't think debuffs should count.

    Not like anything will change though.

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  • Utu

    Changed the title of the thread from “Housekeepr and stables buffs disapper in SW” to “Housekeeper and stables buffs disappear in SW”.