Warning about Fusion Crystal Sand

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  • Forgot to bring this up but got reminded this week and soon is again the event due

    this is a item from snowland and you can transmute it to make purifiedstones and the warning is that you can only do 1 at a time so need to split the stack up

    i made the mistake last year that i just kept transmuting and did not split the stack up

    and since purifiedstones are not stackable (which is idiotic) the server deleted all of them

    and contacted support and was told own fault so i lost several purifiedstones and also the charges used to make them

    which is still bs and don't want it to happen to anyone else

  • ... and was told own fault ...

    This is not true. It is a clear bug in the game. The server must not accept a fusion which results in everything destroyed. It is not understandable for a player, that using multiples of 4 Fusion Stone Slab will result in destroying the items.

    There were other cases, where the GMs have messed up the trade actions or gift actions of event NPCs. Those tried to give the player a stack of an item which was either non-stackable or given in an amount which exceeded maximum stack size of the item. As a result of this you didn't get the item. In these cases there was a compensation for that.

    I guess, that either the supporter did not have any understanding of the subject, or the support doesn't have any log files of the transmutation, so they can not see at all what items you had and what you lost, or he/she was too lazy to look at those.

    I think the suggestion from Cenre is a very easy way to fix this and should get forwarded to the developers with a higher priority.