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  • First of all, please read our general FAQ.

    The new Gameforge Launcher

    Using the new launcher, you can now install and update all Gameforge games and manage your accounts in one place.

    How to download Gameforge Launcher:

    • You can download the new launcher from our website (https://gameforge.com/en-GB/).
    • Your old Runs of Magic Launcher will be automatically updated.

    Gameforge Account

    Basically, it's one global Gameforge Account which you can login to all your Runes of Magic game accounts with single login or even try out our other games without the need of creating separate game accounts for them.

    Login/registering Gameforge Accounts:

    • If you have already existing Gameforge account, just log in using the credentials.
    • If you don't have Gameforge account, you can simply create one on our website or in Gameforge launcher.

    How to install Runes of Magic:

    • Login with your Gameforge Account in GF Launcher.
    • Select "Install" option.
    • If you have Runes of Magic already installed on your computer, please select game installation folder.

    The process of adding RoM game accounts to Gameforge Account

    Starting from 30.09.2019, all RoM users need to use new Gameforge Launcher and add their game accounts to Gameforge Account.

    Unfortunately, old RoM game launcher won't be available and it won't be possible to use RoM game accounts which are not added to Gameforge Accounts.

    Please always check if you have selected correct region:


    Creating/adding the game account:


    • From the small drop down menu you can choose to either create new game account or to add your existing game account.
    • If you have existing RoM game account, you can add it by login with correct credentials.

    Note: it is possible to add several RoM game accounts to one Gameforge account. If you wish you can create separate GF account for some of your game accounts.

    It is not possible to add 1 game account to more than 1 Gameforge account.

    Starting the game:

    • Once you add your RoM game accounts to Gameforge Account, you can login to all of them with the single login - you don't need to enter login/password for each of these accounts.
    • Just select game account from drop down menu and click play. Game client will start.
    • To open another game account: open Launcher window again, switch to another game account/GF account, start 2nd game client.

    Note: it is possible to open several game accounts (from same or other Gameforge accounts) or even opening same Gameforge account on two different computers at the same time.

    Resetting 2nd password:

    • Select RoM game account, which 2nd password you wish to reset.
    • Click on "Setting" option in drop down menu.
    • It will open website account management, where you can reset the 2nd password (or even check your Magic Wardrobe, link Steam account ect.)
    • Click on confirmation email you received to your GF Account email.

    Note: it is no longer possible to change the email address or passwords for each individual RoM game account as now they all have single login with GF Account.


    • Please note, that your Gameforge account is not the same as Support System account, so you may need to create an account in Support System.
    • Please always add Gameforge account email to support ticket, so we are able to verify you quicker.
    • If you don't remember your game account credentials / email or your game account is currently added to incorrect Gameforge account, please contact the Game Support and we will do our best to assist you.

    Are Steam users affected?

    Users who are playing RoM via Steam do not need to link their game account to Gameforge Account.

    Due to fact the old RoM game launcher is no longer available, please read about new Region selection method on Steam.